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French Women Don’t Get Fat is a dieting fad that was started by Frenchwoman Mireille Guiliano after she visited the United States as a teenager and gained over twenty pounds during her visit. She wrote a diet book that explains that eating pleasurable foods is allowable as long as dieters control their portions. This is a great diet for people that cannot cut out fatty foods but are able to eat smaller portions of fattier foods to control their weight.

There are cookbooks associated with the French Women Don’t Get Fat diet, and it stresses controlled portions. The French population eats foods that are not healthy including wine, cheeses, and much more, but they control their portions so that they do not overindulge. The portion control allows users to eat the foods they love while still losing weight. Overall, this is a good diet because it allows indulgence but still helps users lose weight.

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French Women Don’t Get Fat is a diet that stresses portion control. A Frenchwomen that gained weight on a visit to the United States noticed the outrageous portion served in restaurants. She formed a diet that was similar to the way of life in France. The French population is able to indulge in wines, cheeses, chocolates, butter, and other fatty foods without becoming an obese nation. She shows that Americans could be a lot healthier if they would just control their portions.

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  • This diet allows room for fatty foods, and sugary foods that are loved by everyone.
  • French Women Don’t Get Fat comes with many different supplies such as cookbooks and diet plans.
  • This diet does not make users cut calories or starve themselves.


  • This diet does not allow users to eat full meals.
  • French Women Don’t Get Fat can leave users hungry and wanting more.
  • This diet does not offer a strict plan, and does not have an exercise program that many people like to see with a diet plan.
  • The website for this plan does not show very many before and after pictures or testimonials proving the plan really works.


French Women Don’t Get Fat is a diet that offers users the opportunity to eat whatever they want by controlling their portions. The creator uses the French way of life to influence her eating habits. The French are able to eat chocolates, wines, cheeses, and buttery foods, but still maintain a healthy weight as a whole. Overall, this sounds like a good diet, but the company does not have proof backing up the fact that it works and users also complain of being left hungry after an unusually small meal. This diet can help in theory, but must be accompanied by a good exercise regimen to help users lose weight.

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