French Women For All Seasons Review

Editor's Review: 2.6 / 5.0

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French Women For All Seasons is the sequel to Mireille Guiliano’s book French Women Don’t Get Fat. In French Women For All Seasons, Guiliano offers even more tips for losing and maintaining weight while enjoying all the simple pleasures that life has to offer. Her philosophy is based on the theory that if American women could learn to live as the French women do, obesity would be less of a problem and life would be savored much more. In this book, Guiliano takes women through the four seasons of the year, with ideas to make the most of each season while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It also provides a more structured approach to dieting, with recipes and diet tips that are actually very similar to those in many other weight loss programs.

Consumers can find French Women for all Seasons through a number of online retailers, although the book does not appear to be sold directly through Guiliano’s website. Consumers who are interested in the philosophies subscribed to in these two books can also join the online program for French Women for all Seasons. The membership to this website includes online interaction with Guiliano, personalized meal plans, food tracking tools and forums to interact with other members. We have to say that the website appears to be another way for Guiliano to capitalize on the success of her books, and we are concerned about the lack of information as to precisely what is included in the website membership and a cost for the subscription for the book or the website.

Product Features

We had to do some looking to find terms and pricing for the website subscription. It appears that it currently costs almost $30 just to sign up for the website program and a monthly fee is charged after that. The monthly fee seems to be about $20 at the time of this review, although it may be possible to get different rates depending on how long your subscription is. We are not pleased that the pricing information is so difficult to ascertain without providing personal information from the consumer first. The book sells through many online retailers and currently costs about $16 for a hardcover copy. An eBook is also available for around $25. We also found used copies of this book through a number of websites, selling for just a few dollars.

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  • The book encourages a healthy diet and exercise.
  • The book can be found for a discounted price through some online retailers.


  • It was difficult to find pricing information for membership to the online program.
  • The book doesn’t provide much new information in the world of weight loss.
  • A book is not generally sufficient in motivating most people to lose weight.


French Women for all Seasons is touted as an entertaining read that may provide some useful information in food choices and exercise. However, books are rarely sufficient motivation for most dieters that want to stick with a program long enough to see weight loss results. We prefer a weight loss program that includes a low calorie diet, daily exercise and an effective weight loss supplement that provides the edge many dieters need to reach their goals. French Women for all Seasons may be a fun read, but it probably won’t be sufficient in helping women achieve the weight loss they are hoping for.

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