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The Fresh Dining Program offers a whole new approach to weight loss for consumers who don’t wish to give up fine dining in favor of calorie counting. Fresh Dining states on their website that they employ some of the best chefs in each location to prepare sumptuous, fresh meals daily to be delivered to a customer’s doorstep by 6:00 am. Delivery will include three full meals for the day, a snack and dessert. At the end of the day, customers simply place the empty containers back into the deliver bag and put it outside their door. This package will be picked up in the morning and replaced with the next day’s fare.

The Fresh Dining Program has a number of options to choose from, including a plan for weight loss. This Get Slim plan includes the same number of meals every day, but provides food that is calorie efficient to make weight loss easier. It appears from the company website that consumers may not choose or even know their menu from day to day, although the customer testimonials on the website indicate that most of the Fresh Dining dishes are well received. We did not see information regarding customers with dietary restrictions or food allergies, so we are left unsure if the Fresh Dining Program would be appropriate in these situation.

for the Fresh Dining Program.

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As one might imagine with service and food of this caliber, the price of the Fresh Dining Program is rather expensive. The cost of a day’s worth of food on the Get Slim program is about $35 at the time of this review. This does include all of the food that a customer is supposed to need during that day, so no other groceries should need to be purchased while on the Fresh Dining Program. There are different lengths of time that consumers can choose from as well, ranging from 14 days to 28 days. The company recommends the longer plans for best results. The Fresh Dining Program is currently available in a number of locations, but is not yet offered in every state.

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  • Food is prepared with weight loss in mind.
  • This program does all the cooking for the customer.


  • Customers don’t appear to be able to choose their menus.
  • We couldn’t find procedures available for consumers with dietary restrictions or food allergies.
  • The program has a limited number of locations.
  • The program is expensive


For dieters who do not like to cook and can afford the cost of the Fresh Dining program, this might be an eating plan worth trying. However, the most effective weight loss programs usually combine a low calorie diet with exercise for best results. In addition, many dieters find they need an effective weight loss supplement to give them the necessary edge to reach their weight loss goals. Fresh Dining may provide delicious, low calorie food, but it may not be enough for a complete weight loss program.

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    This package will be picked up in the morning and replaced with the next day’s fare.