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The Fresh Start Thermogenic Diet is a book written by Cathi Graham. She is also the person who started the Fresh Start Diet Company. This book teaches readers to focus on eating thermogenic foods to induce natural fat burning while putting an end to emotional eating. Graham started the company and wrote the book based on her own experiences as she holds the Canadian record for the most weight lost in the shortest amount of time with 186 pounds lost in 18 months.


There are no ingredients as this is a book to assist with weight loss rather than a weight loss product.

Product Features

The book shares secrets Graham used to lose her weight. The basic idea behind her diet is a negative calorie diet. Instead of lowering the caloric intake, people should eat foods that work to reduce calories rather than pile them on. Examples of thermogenic foods are salsa and green tea.

Fresh Start Thermogenic Diet helps those who are trying to lose weight learn to love themselves and appreciate their bodies in order to prevent the emotional eating that so many fall victim to which causes a lot of the weight gain.

Cathi Graham provides testimonials from several of the people who have used the Fresh Start Thermogenic Diet or any of the Fresh Start products in order to help others motivate themselves and see that this program could work for them.

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  • Cost effective plan for many at around $20 to $25 for a copy of the book.
  • Full website to provide more information and support to people using the diet.
  • Promotes use of thermogenics.


  • No scientific research to back the plan.
  • Many customers do not like them and have not so nice things to say about them.
  • The book will not give weight loss, the reader must be motivated and determined.
  • The book may not provide helpful advice for everyone who reads it.
  • The book advises making some lifestyle changes that may be difficult for some to do.


Overall, the Fresh Start Themorgenic Diet seems as though it may provide good information for people who are emotional eaters and those who want a natural way to induce the loss of fat. It is a good value in terms of money, and for those who do not want to spend the money until they are sure they can use the information in the book, it may be available at a local library. The fact that no research backs this plan up, and there really is no proof as to how Cathi Graham lost all of her weight is enough to push many people away. The book does an excellent job of addressing the emotional side of eating and dieting by using the author’s first hand experience.

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    I’ve lost my copy of the Fast Start Diet and soup recipe. How can I find it?
    Thank you


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    katie skeoch

    in the book it talks about using a “cup” of whatever ingredient could you please tell me how much is in a cup in mls please thanks katie x