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The popularity of Trimspa Froodia has increased over the past few years due to the endorsement of the now-deceased American model and TV personality, Anna Nicole Smith. She accomplished significant weight loss while using Froodia products. They are also popular because of their holistic supplements.

Froodia is a bar based weight loss supplement designed to knock out one’s hunger. Consumers of this product purchase it so that they can skip a meal and become more productive by reducing their desire for food.

Froodia is available in most health and vitamin stores and in online sites. It comes in candy-bar type wrapping, making it easy to transport and eat on the go. It usually costs 99 cents and comes in a variety of fruit flavors (e.g., Wild Cherry Berry, Apricot, etc.).

List of Ingredients

The key ingredient in Froodia bars is Hoodia. There are 400 mg of Hoodia Gordonii in every bar.

Product Features

The presence of Hoodia in Froodia bars has made it a popular weight loss supplement. Hoodia first appeared on the weight loss stage in 2004. Prior to 2004, African desert inhabitants and travelers used Hoodia during famines and on hunting expeditions so they could last longer and reduce their travel baggage.

Diet researchers have attested to the hunger-eliminating capabilities of Froodia bars. They have discovered that Hoodia contains P57. This is similar to glucose. In the human body, hunger increases when glucose levels are low and decreases when glucose levels are high. When Hoodia is in the blood stream, the brain assumes the presence of glucose and shuts off the human appetite.

Some studies reveal that Hoodia increases energy levels.

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  • Very affordable and convenient.
  • Studies support Froodia’s claims about reducing hunger.
  • Available in most vitamin and health stores and online.


  • Lack of before and after photos from users of Froodia bars.
  • Does not mention the importance of a healthy diet and regular exercise. Eating a Froodia bar at 3 o’clock in the afternoon to get through the final two hours of work without eating is not an ideal way to treat your body.
  • Some users do not claim to have experienced the hunger decrease.
  • Some users do not like the taste and the 99 cent price may be false.
  • Many people prefer Hoodia in a pill to the Froodia snack bars.
  • Some users do not see weight loss.


Froodia bars may have the endorsement of the late Anna Nicole Smith, television news anchors, and others, but among the middle class, it is not a popular product. There are differences of opinion as to whether or not Froodia bars contain the renowned ingredient Hoodia. Some consumers of Froodia products dislike its taste and must combine other supplements with Froodia bars. Weight loss may or may not occur.

There may be some inaccuracies or flat-out lies in Froodia advertisement. The company claims the bars are available online or most health and vitamin stores. However, there are other claims that it is difficult to locate these snack bars. They may even be off the market. Second, the price is claimed to be 99 cents; however, consumers buying in bulk to save money do not see the savings reflected in their final costs.

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