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Frozen Fitness was a meal delivery company based in Florida that focused on providing meals for dieters and bodybuilders. There is no official website for the company and the information available online is limited. The lean meals were tailored for weight loss and the bulking meals for lean muscle growth. We assume the bulking meals contained far more calories than the lean meals though no nutritional information is available for either program. Slimming meals weighed 10 ounces and bulking meals weighed 15 ounces.

List of Ingredients

Meal delivery for weight loss or bodybuilding.

Product Features

The official website for Frozen Fitness is no longer active. We assume the company is no longer in business. The two meal packages offered by the company addressed slimming and bodybuilding or muscle building. Both menus included 8 meals to choose from, not hundreds like comparable websites. The average price per day was $12. That adds up to about $360 per month.

Meal delivery systems are an easy way for dieters to control portions and take the stress out of dieting. Most companies provide meals that can be stored outside of the refrigerator, but Frozen Fitness delivers frozen meals, so the dieter would need space in the freezer to hold the meals. We assume the meals are delivered on a weekly basis, because three meals a day for 30 days would require storing 90 meals in the freezer.

The lack of program details leaves us with more questions about Frozen Fitness than answers. Were meals reserved for lunch and dinner or do the 8 choices include breakfast? Are snacks included for the price or does the dieter need to add snacks at an additional cost? When a company offers a service, the website is crucial for communication and information, but Frozen Fitness no longer has an official website or business listing that we could find.


  • Costs less than other meal delivery services.
  • Two programs – dieting and bulking.


  • Frozen meals require cold storage.
  • Only 8 meals are available on the Frozen Fitness menu.
  • No nutritional information on meals.
  • No details on how many meals are included for the price.
  • No delivery information.
  • No list of meals available through the Frozen Fitness company.
  • Bodybuilding meals are only 15 ounces.
  • No information on diet structure and snacks.


Frozen Fitness is a company that once sold frozen meals for bodybuilding and weight loss. The program has likely been discontinued as the official website is no longer active. The little information we found on the program left us with too many questions to suggest this program to the dieter. NutriSystem and Jenny Craig offer similar systems and Weight Watchers lists points on Smart Ones frozen meals.

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