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The Frozen Food Diet is based on prepackaged meals purchased in the frozen food section of the grocery store. Dieters who wish to more accurately control food intake, calorie totals, fats and carbohydrates may find this diet to be quite simple. There is a concern, however, when following the Frozen Food Diet that sodium or salt intake will be raised to the point of concern. Many processed foods are laden with sodium to enhance taste or even make a meal palatable. Another concern is the fact that not all frozen meals are low calorie or calorie controlled. Some frozen meals can contain in excess of 1,500 calories in one box.

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Prepackaged meals used for weight loss.

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The Frozen Food Diet is a diet conceived in response to controlled diet programs that are far too expensive for many dieters such as the Jenny Craig plan and NutriSystem. These plans use frozen foods or preserved, ready to eat meals as the basis of nutrition as does the self planned Frozen Food Diet. When purchasing frozen meals, dieters will spend more money than they would on whole foods, but the ease of calorie control is well worth the extra cost.

Dieters should watch sodium content and calorie totals with all frozen foods. Some frozen meals are very high in calories and fat and would not be considered a good choice for weight loss. Other meals are very high in sodium to cover up lost taste when ingredients with more calories and fat were replaced with blander varieties with fewer calories and fat. Too much sodium can lead to water retention and may raise blood pressure.

The best solution when dieters wish to eat a Frozen Food Diet is to replace one or two meals a day with a frozen meal supplemented with a salad or fresh fruit / vegetable. Most dieters choose to replace lunch and dinner and eat a small, healthy meal such as a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. If this Frozen Food Diet is followed, weight loss could be a healthy benefit.

Frozen food on the diet is not limited to prepackaged meals. Frozen vegetables, meats, meat alternatives and fruits can also be used to help the dieter control calories. A combination of frozen and fresh may be the best alternative.

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  • Frozen meals make calorie control easy.


  • The Frozen Food Diet can be expensive.
  • Meals may have too much sodium.
  • Not all frozen foods are low calorie.


We are thrilled when a dieter wants to make a healthy choice like weight loss. We also support anything that can make dieting easier. The Frozen Food Diet may not be the best choice in overall nutrition, but a dieter could do much worse.

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