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Famous cyclist Lance Armstrong is commonly associated with FRS Energy. This drink claims to increase energy safely and without the jitters commonly associated with energy drinks. FRS Energy is offered as a liquid or powdered drink for use daily. There is an official website for FRS Energy that offers a product catalog, shop locator and complete nutritional information about FRS Energy.

List of Ingredients

Each of the different flavors of FRS Energy will have different ingredients. The common ingredients are water, white grape juice concentrate, orange juice concentrate, tartaric acid, sucralose, quercetin, natural flavors, ascorbic acid, locust bean gum, gum arabic, alpha tocopheryl acetate, green tea leaf extract, caffeine, niacinamide, cyanocobalamin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, thiamine hydrochloride and riboflavin.

Product Features

FRS Energy drink is marketed as the best energy solution for athletes and fitness buffs. In terms of weight loss, the drink does include some ingredients that could boost energy before and during a workout. The low cal version of FRS Energy does not include enough calories to offset a diet plan.

The major ingredients are vitamins that will also be included in any over the counter vitamin supplement sold in stores or online. The addition of caffeine will increase energy levels a bit which is where the boost after drinking FRS Energy comes from. The quercetin and catechins are also of some benefits for someone trying to lose more weight.

Quercetin has been associated with an increase in energy in lab rats. There are no human studies with the same results, however. According to the American Cancer society, quercetin claims to aid in the prevention of cancer, but this effect has not been proven.

Catechins are derived from green tea and are considered some of the most beneficial antioxidants available today. Antioxidants can aid in weight loss by helping cells affected by free radicals to repair and return to normal function. Normal cell function is important when caloric levels are lowered and fitness routines are added to daily life.

The nutritional label on the FRS Energy website does not include how much caffeine is included in each ready to drink can. It does, however, claim that two to three cans should be consumed each day to reap the most benefit from quercetin.

Online, FRS Energy is sold for $35.75 US per 15 cans. That figures out to about $2.38 per can.

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  • Catechins may help to repair cells damaged during exercise.
  • Green tea is a proven ingredient to increase weight loss.
  • The cost of FRS Energy is comparable to other energy drinks.


  • The addition of caffeine may cause an energy crash.
  • Drinking two to three cans of FRS Energy per day may prove to be more costly than some people can afford.
  • While FRS Energy can boost energy for a workout, it does nothing to aid the metabolism if you are looking to lose weight.
  • Some people find using energy drinks before a workout leads to fatigue commonly associated with a “sugar high.”


FRS Energy is a common solution to increasing energy before a workout and during the day. The addition of green tea is appropriate for a weight loss supplement, but caffeine can cause an energy crash. In order to lose more weight, some dieters may find that a weight loss supplement proven to increase fat burn paired with a good workout routine may work better than FRS Energy.

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5 User Reviews about FRS Energy

  • 1

    Does the free workout product work or no?


  • 2

    How many times a day should this product be taken? If I bought the concentrate.


  • 3
    Vivian Hatcher

    I have been drinking the low-cal orange liquid FRS every morning for 3 years and think it is great. I had gastric bypass surgery 4 years ago and lost 100 lbs.I have complete lab work every 3 months and this is the only vitamin supplement I use. It has kept all my chemistry within normal limits for 3 years and I have maintained my weight loss.


  • 4
    R Diersen

    Totally unimpressed with this product and with thier return policy. 14 days is not long enought to rate a product and howe it will work with your body. This is a clear scam to get a minimum of $60 dollars out of your checking account. Don’t waste your time or your money


  • 5

    I have the chews and the large bottle of FRS that you mix with water….should i be taking both of these 2-3 times a day or just one