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The Fruit Flush Detox is a three day detoxification diet that claims to help you lose up to 9 pounds in three days. The author, Jay Robb, provides everything you need to know in order to make the detoxification program work for you. While the program will help you lose weight, it will not produce long term results and should not be used to replace a diet and exercise program. This program should be used to jump start a diet and weight loss program you intend to use to get down to your weight. By cleansing your body of toxins and other material, you should feel more energized and the reduction in weight should be a great motivator to get started on a diet program.


The diet consists of eating only whole, organic, fresh fruit all day. Protein is also allowed along with vegetable salad at night before bed. More details are available in the e-book itself, which only costs $5. At this price, it is worth the read and information to help you get started with large weight loss goals.

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The Fruit Flush Detox Diet is available from the Jay Robb website for instant download. The book is in Adobe PDF format and is 48 pages long. The detoxification diet works to remove the toxins and chemicals in the body from the food we eat. The loss of toxins and water is what results in the weight loss on the scale. Because it is not fat loss, this is something which will not work for a long period of time to help you lose weight.

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  • Low cost book.
  • Short diet so it should be easy for most people to stick to.


  • Will not provide fat loss.
  • May cause some to have incredible cravings due to the limitations on the types and amount of food that can be eaten while on the detoxification program.


Though limited information is available on the diet itself in an effort to gain more purchases of the e-book, the research we found indicates it will work for many people who have the will power to stick to it. There will be cravings for food you are not supposed to have, especially if those around you are eating other food. The protein in the diet will help keep you from feeling deprived and weak, though you may still feel some weakness. The important thing to remember is the program only lasts three days and by the end, cravings should disappear. No word is available on how often this detox program can be done, though you should not do it too often because of the restriction of food groups and nutrients available. Remember to drink plenty of water to help flush your system.

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