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Fruitein is a diet drink that comes in multiple configurations to help ensure a person is getting all the nutrients he or she needs. Fruitein is a line of products released by Nature’s Plus. The product is generally intended to promote overall health and wellness, but as such will provide potential weight loss benefits. The Nature’s Plus website does a good job at providing information many consumers look for when deciding whether or not to purchase a supplement.


The different configurations of Fruitein will have different ingredients and amounts of said ingredients. It is apparent that between all of the different flavors and kinds of Fruitein there are important vitamins and minerals essential to a healthy body. Enzymes are also a part of the formula to better mimic natural fruits and vegetables.

Product Features

Some of the Fruitein formulas include ingredients such as chlorella and spirulina. These are natural substances undergoing research. Specific ingredient listings for each formula can be found by visiting the Nature’s Plus website.

Chlorella is a genus of algae whose research indicates the possibility of many health benefits. In addition to potentially lowering the blood pressure and cholesterol levels, helping to protect the immune system and cleansing the body of harmful toxins, including carcinogens which are chemicals that are known to cause cancer.

Spirulina is a cyanobacteria. Research indicates that it may play a role in fighting against HIV, aid in the prevention of memory loss with age, and may help treat certain kinds of poisoning. This cyanobacteria is sometimes used to promote weight gain, but as this product is not advertised as a weight loss supplement there is no problem.

The inclusion of both green and white teas may be the only part of Fruitein that would encourage or help weight loss because of their natural properties and inclusion in many other health supplements.

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  • Inexpensive supplement at around $20 per canister.
  • Promotes overall health.


  • One ingredient may promote weight gain.
  • Teas generally include caffeine which may promote weight loss but cause some to experience side effects they do not like.
  • No satisfaction guarantee.
  • No customer testimonials.
  • Does not contain an appetite suppressant.


For an overall health supplement, this seems to do a pretty good job. Women who are pregnant or nursing should stay away from the supplement as the inclusion of caffeine in the teas may produce harmful side effects. For people who are looking for a weight loss supplement, there are probably better things to take because you will need something that contains both an appetite suppressant and thermogenics. The bottom line is that no supplement will shed off the pounds without proper diet and exercise becoming part of the routine.

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2 User Reviews about Fruitein

  • 1
    Cheryl bruce

    I been doing no dairy replacement supplements for years. This has a pleasant taste and stopped any craving at that time, and dissolves easily. I not using this so much for weight loss, but weight stabilization/ supplement


  • 2
    anne Sarcka

    Is there a fruitein or other energy drink without soy? Soy doesn’t agree with me.