Fruta Planta Diet Pills Review

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What You Should Know

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It is easy to get confused when browsing through the dozens of weight loss formulas available online. After all, there are countless ingredients, mixed customer reviews, random warnings, and other factors to consider. Well, we created this review to help you learn more about Fruta Planta Diet Pills. You can find these online for around $16. This weight loss formula is marketed at women and men alike, and is touted as 100% natural. Put simply, you are supposed to gain a slimmer figure in only one month.


  • Lemon Extract
  • Bitter Melon
  • Papaya Fruit
  • Benefit Fruit
  • Spirulina Maxima
  • Mangosteen
  • Radish Fruit
  • Fruit Gum

Product Features

Fruta Planta Diet Pills are claimed to encourage weight loss, but with no side effects whatsoever. Using natural fruit extracts, this supplement may help flush toxins from your body, and even help clear away fat. You should notice a slimmer figure, more beautiful skin, and improved regularity. Fruta Planta Diet Pills are taken once each day with a full glass of water. Just so you are aware, this is a Chinese weight loss product, and it is manufactured in China.

The ingredients listed for Fruta Planta Diet Pills are natural extracts like Lemon, Bitter Melon, Mangosteen, Papaya, and Radish. This formula also contains Spirulina Maxima, Benefit Fruit, and Fruit Gum. Together these ingredients may help flush out the digestive tract. However, this formula will unlikely boost thermo genesis, or increase calorie burning. Fruta Planta Diet Pills do not suppress appetite either. There are some user reviews posted online for this weight loss formula, but a lot of the feedback is complaints. There is no special diet plan or exercise regimen recommended with this supplement.

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  • There is an official website for Fruta Planta Diet Pills.
  • This product contains natural fruit extracts.


  • There are plenty of customer complaints found online for this product.
  • Fruta Planta Diet Pills are manufactured in China, which may concern some dieters.
  • This weight loss product does not suppress appetite.
  • There are no proven fat burning ingredients used in this diet pill.


The first thing we noticed about Fruta Planta Diet Pills was the lack of proven weight loss ingredients. While this formula does contain natural fruit extracts, they are not proven to encourage weight reduction and fat loss. These fruit ingredients may provide the body with antioxidants, and they may help with the digestive process. However, it does not look like Fruta Planta Diet Pills will actually burn off fat or suppress appetite. You may also be concerned when you see the various customer complaints and warnings posted online. Lastly, this diet product is manufactured in China, which raises some concern.

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