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FSI Nutrition is responsible for producing and distributing various supplements. FSI Nutrition is FDA-registered and GMP-certified. It is a company based on Omaha, Nebraska. Its central location is favorable because it allows the company to offer top-notch products and affordable prices. FSI allows other companies producing supplements to use their facilities in Omaha. FSI produces many types of supplements, usually in powdered form, designed to be mixed with water.

FSI also produces their own nutritional products and supplements for sports enhancement. FSI products are geared toward fitness enthusiasts.

There are several lines of products from FSI Nutrition.

List of Ingredients

N/A. FSI produces many different products with many ingredients.

Product Features

FSI Nutrition produces creatine supplements (Creatine Clear and Creatine Edge), muscle building formulas (Herculin MRF 4), aerobic conditioning formula (VO2 Max and Glutamine Edge), joint health supplements (Flexion), and general health supplements (Multi-Vitamin, Neuro Edge).

Effervescent creatine works like this: it enters the blood stream and circulates to the skeletal muscles and is quickly absorbed into the small intestine. It is more effective than creatine monohydrate, which enters the stomach as a solid, causing stomach discomfort and non-absorption. Effervescent creatine absorbs into the small intestine faster, increasing the amount that is absorbed and less stomach pain. In the skeletal muscles, your muscles get tired when peddling a bike, throwing a ball repeatedly, lifting weights, etc. Creatine combines with ions to form phosphocreatine, allowing ADP (adenosine diphosphate) to be converted back into ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ADP builds up when muscles fatigue. Creatine delays muscle fatigue by building up large amounts of ATP in the muscles. Some studies have shown that creatine reduces the body fat of an athlete.

Prices of FSI products range in cost from $8.79-$34.00. $8.79 will purchase a 60-capsule box of VO2 Max, designed to increase the body’s aerobic capacity. $17.99 will buy 30 servings of Flexion, designed to promote flexibility and joint lubrication. $29.99 will get you 20 packets of Herculin MRF-4, designed to build lean muscle. $31.96 will buy a small box of Creatine Clear. This is good for anyone with a regular workout routine. $34.00 will purchase a small box of Creatine Edge Effervescent.

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  • Supposedly available from several distributors.
  • Company claims dedication to quality, innovative formulations, and creative packaging ideas.
  • Consumers may get additional information online about the formulas themselves.


  • Consumers have a hard time finding FSI products that are not discontinued.
  • Similar to other powdered effervescent drink products (e.g., Slim Shot diet drinks).
  • Usually needs to be combined with other products or regular exercise to achieve any benefits.
  • Over-consumption of creatine can have harmful effects on the body.
  • No before and after pictures.
  • Has no money-back guarantee.


FSI Nutrition provides its many supplements through various manufacturers. They make products from other companies and their own products. However, recent consumers and potential purchasers of FSI products report that FSI products are difficult to find and may be discontinued.

FSI products provide benefits for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. If you are not in this classification, FSI products will probably be of no benefit.

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