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Fuco Prime is a dietary supplement that is produced by Nature’s Biology. The company recommends that this supplement should be used with two more supplements (Ultra Prime and Hoodia Prime) distributed by the same company.

Fuco Prime originated after a discovery was made in Japan. University scientists at the Hokkaido lab worked on discovering the properties of Fuco Prime’s main ingredient, fucoxanthin. They discovered that higher dosages of fucoxanthin sped up the thermogenic process (or the process of breaking fat down). Increased amounts of fucoxanthin revealed its effectiveness on the overall body, but especially in the abdomen region. People desirous of losing weight or toning their body usually point to their abdomen as a place they want to see inches shed. Belly fat is not only unsightly but increases one’s chances of diabetes and/or heart disease.

List of Ingredients

The main ingredient in this pill is Fucoxanthin.

Product Features

In addition to increasing the speed of the thermogenic process, Fuco Prime is said to perform a host of other health-related functions. Among others, these include increasing your metabolism, reducing bad cholesterol (LDL’s), improving blood pressure, improving liver function, acting as an antioxidant, and improving cardiovascular health. It does not affect the central nervous system. Therefore, one will not experience jitters.

Fuco Prime contains fucoxanthin. This ingredient does not naturally occur in the human body. It comes from edible seaweeds, particularly brown seaweed. Nature’s Biology produces fucoxanthin from their seaweed source. Kale is a good source of fucoxanthin but also contains large amounts of iodine. Thus, consuming too much kale or other edible seaweed could lead to iodine poisoning. Too much iodine in your blood stream will make the thyroid gland go berserk.

The #1 selling package (Fuco Prime, Ultra Prime, and Hoodia Prime) regularly costs $171.00 before shipping. The bulk discount price (buying all three together) costs $127.00. One bottle of Fuco Prime costs $57.00. There are discounts available for buying in bulk.

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  • No stearic acid, a potentially poisonous ingredient that is said to occur in most all supplements. It is responsible for killing cells.
  • Has scientific evidence backing up its claims.
  • Comes with a 100% money back guarantee.


  • Over-consumption of edible seaweeds, from which fucoxanthin is produced can lead to iodine poisoning and thyroid gland issues.
  • Must be used along with at least two other supplements.
  • Fucoxanthin is a relatively new ingredient in the diet industry. It has not been tested on humans as of today.
  • Only best for people other than pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding, people with medical conditions, or people taking medications.
  • Unrealistic weight loss claims. People are not seeing the weight loss they anticipated.
  • The pill seems too good to be true in terms of all the health benefits it is said to provide (e.g., better liver function, increased metabolism, etc.).
  • Consumers prefer other products (e.g., Slim 10).


Fuco Prime seems to be the premiere way to achieve weight loss through its scientifically proven results on test animals. But that does not necessarily translate into the same effect on humans. Fucoxanthin, Fuco Prime’s main ingredient, has no tests on humans. It is limited in benefit to women with children and people with medical conditions or on medication. It likely promises more than it can deliver.

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