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FucoSlim is a diet supplement from the Sea of Japan that promises that users will lose weight while enjoying a “healthier, leaner lifestyle like those found in Asian and Japanese cultures”. It claims to contain a wonder ingredient that will burn belly fat without causing jitteriness. The product is available through the product website and consumers can currently order a free 30-day trial before purchasing the product to see if FucoSlim will work for them.

While this website does contain essential information there are a couple of red flags about this company. The price of the product does not appear to be listed anywhere. While the company encourages consumers to sign up for the free trial offer the terms and conditions are also not laid out clearly. It is also unclear which company offers FucoSlim for sale. While NatraScience is the listed company the NatraScience website doesn’t list FucoSlim as one of its products.

List of Ingredients

We are pleased to see that FucoSlim discloses a complete ingredient list for the product. These ingredients include fucoxanthin, Hoodia Gordonii, green tea and pomegranate. Fucoxanthin is the “wonder” ingredient in this formula that claims to burn belly fat. It comes from brown algae and will supposedly help dieters’ burn fat faster. However, while studies are cited on the product website linking fucoxanthin to weight loss all studies to date have been done on rodents in a laboratory.

Hoodia Gordonii is a common weight loss ingredient that is used as an appetite suppressant. Green tea may be the best ingredient in this mix because of its thermogenic abilities and its appetite suppression. However, green tea is more effective when combined with proven fat burners for best results.

Product Features

We would caution consumers from shopping with companies that request personal information without providing essential facts like the price of the product or the terms of the contract.

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  • FucoSlim offers a 30-day free trial offer.
  • The product contains green tea.


  • The price is not listed on the product website.
  • Fucoxanthin has not been tested for weight loss in humans.
  • The company does not include FucoSlim on its website.
  • Terms of the free trial offer are not clearly laid out.


While there may be some advantages to fucoxanthin the clinical research is far from conclusive on the use of this substance for weight loss. Without clear terms for the trial offer or a stated price on the product website we would encourage consumers to proceed with caution when purchasing FucoSlim.

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