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Full Bar Gummies is a dietary supplement created by general surgeon Dr. Snyder. According to the official website, Dr. Snyder is a leading bariatric surgeon who works directly with individuals with weight management concerns. Full Bar was the brainchild of Dr. Snyder due to wanting to create a food which could produce results similar to surgery. When dieters are full, they in turn eat less. The subsequent result is weight loss.

Full Bar Gummies are similar to Full Bar, whereas the gummies can be used to tide you over until a meal. The recommended dosage is between three to ten gummies per day. The product claims to suppress appetite for up to 3 hours.

List of Ingredients


Potato Extract:

  • Slendesta

Product Features

Full Bar Gummies is a appetite suppression supplement similar to Full Bar replacement meals. When dieters feel the need to eat at non-designated times or hunger creeps up, simply chew three to five gummies and the hunger is alleviated. This is great if the claims were supported by actually clinical trials or scientific research. Nowhere on the site is there proof.

When we looked through the site, we did notice dieters can try Full Bar Gummies and return for their money back in the event the product is deemed ineffective. This leads us to believe Full Bar stands behind the product. We did notice Full Bar Gummies are rather expensive. On the website, you will pay approximately $25. This is rather expensive compared to similar dietary products. The only positive is you will receive a discount if you order multiple bottles.

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  • There are discounts available when making large purchases.
  • Full Bar Gummies are available with a money-back guarantee.


  • There are not clinical trials associated with Full Bar Gummies.
  • The product could potentially be harmful for dieters with severe food allergies.
  • There is no guarantee of weight loss.
  • There is no proven weight loss ingredients listed.
  • Full Bar Gummies are expensive.
  • Not all testimonials are positive.


When dieters look to curb hunger, there are several possible solutions on the market. Full Bar has been known to assist dieters curb hunger, with the result being increased weight loss or no additional weight gain. Based on testimonials online, Full Bar Gummies is a cure for hunger, but we didn’t notice any clinical or scientific research backing the claims. There are no proven ingredients which lend to the fact Full Bar Gummies are actually effective. When dieters are looking for a appetite suppression supplement, they should search for a product with proven ingredients back by research.

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    Carol Franzo

    Love them Bed Bath and Beyond does not sell them anymore .Vitiam shop does not carry the gummies where and I get them would not like to order them on line what store sells them