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The Full Liquid Diet is something used by doctors for patients before and after surgeries and anytime the digestive system has been compromised in any manner. It is a diet that does not include any solid foods, and therefore should not be used any longer than necessary or as prescribed by the doctor. The diet should not be followed for more than five days, but if you have to, you should take vitamins and minerals to supplement your body. While the diet does a wonderful job of cleansing the stomach and keeping the body hydrated, it can leave you deprived of several things needed for optimal health.



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The Full Liquid Diet includes a wide assortment of ingredients. Clear liquids and broths which may be served warm are the most commonly seen ingredients. Any juices without pulp, some sodas, coffee, tea, and even kool-aid drinks are allowed on the diet. While on this diet, people may also enjoy deserts such as fruit pops, cream pops, or flavored ice. The amount of liquid for each meal will depend on various things, and your doctor will help you determine this amount specific to your needs.

The Full Liquid Diet is a great diet to prepare yourself for a weight loss diet or surgery. It should not be used for an extended period of time due to the lack of nutrients and energy necessary for long term dieters. The diet will vary in cost depending on the tastes and allowances for each dieter who seeks to use it.

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  • Food options are provided on the diet website for those who wish to try it.
  • Information on necessary precautions is also available on the website for those who wish to find out more information.


  • Will not provide all the necessary nutrients for dieters for a length of time.
  • No scientific backing or studies have been conducted on the diet.
  • Diet must only be used for a short length of time because prolonged use can lead to nutrient deficiencies.


If you are looking for a boost to your weight loss efforts or will be having any sort of surgery any time soon, going on the Full Liquid Diet may be a good option for you. However, as with any diet, you should let your doctor know what you are doing so he or she can watch you and make sure you stay healthy. Remember, anyone who must stay on this diet any longer than five days needs to be taking vitamins and other health supplements to ensure they get all the necessary nutrients to stay healthy. Because the dieter is in control of how much money he or she spends on this diet, it makes a good one friendly for all budgets.

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