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The Full Spectrum Diet is a diet based on the fundamental belief that the types of foods we eat have a great impact on the weight loss results we will see. The diet was developed by New York Acupuncturist Andrew Pacholyk. His diet outlines the foods we should eat to be healthy and maintain our weight from six different food groups. Each of these groups are referred to by a different color, and each color has different attributes that play a role in our weight loss or weight gain. The different colors are: red, orange, yellow, green, blue indigo, and violet. All of the information is detailed in his book on the diet. This may be just another diet trying to cash in on the weight loss craze, but, only those who have tried it will truly know if it works or not.


The main ingredients of the diet surround eating foods out of each of the different color groups mentioned above. More information about the diet and its plan can be found in the book which can be purchased for $69 along with other supplements and recipes as part of a package from Pacholyk’s website, peacefulmind.com

Product Features

The book is very informative and provides a great deal of information on what it means to be living a healthy lifestyle and shows people different ways they can start making changes to their lives to live healthier and better. The website is urged to be used as a powerful source of information. While you can easily find Pacholyk’s biography, book an appointment with his practice in New York City, and contact him via email or phone, there was no way to find any information about a product guarantee or return policy.

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  • Book promotes a healthy lifestyle in a positive manner.
  • The Full Spectrum Diet does an excellent job of including exercise as part of the routine necessary to lose weight and live happily.


  • Expensive in cost and may not be affordable for some who need it the most.
  • No product guarantees or return policies.
  • Will require a great deal of dedication and discipline in order to fully implement.


The Full Spectrum Diet is a great diet for those who wish to make changes to their lifestyles for good. This is not something that will work well for those who just need to lose a few extra holiday pounds, or for those who want to lose a bit of weight before an event and move on to their normal lives again. This is something that is meant to be a lifelong commitment to health, and this is a main reason why some people will have a hard time sticking to it.

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