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Fun Unlimited puts out a variety of health enhancement products. It is a brand name rather than a specific dietary supplement. The company claims that products made by Fun Unlimited are made without the use of heat. This is said to leave the nutrients and enzymes intact. Fun Unlimited products use natural ingredients.

Fun Unlimited products are designed to interest children. They make interesting, out-of-the-ordinary products with fun flavors. This is a good move by the company as childhood obesity rates are increasing.

The company claims to use innovative techniques in production.

List of Ingredients

N/A. Since Fun Unlimited produces and markets a variety of health enhancement products, one should consult the particular label of the product he/she is using.

Product Features

Fun Unlimited makes products for adults and children. Its health supplements and products include Bee Natural Tabs, Born Again MSM cream, and KidsPops. Its weight loss aids include Power Pop Weight Loss Lollipops with Hoodia.

Fun Unlimited products are available at discount prices. The Power Pop Weight Loss Lollipops cost around $25 for a box of twenty (in flavored assortment). Bee Natural tabs can be purchased for $29.95. The Born Again MSM cream costs $7.95 and a thirty-pack of Kids Pops for a little over $20.

It may be difficult to get your child to swallow a pill. Thus, Fun Unlimited provides a lollipop that is said to contain essential nutrients while still appearing as candy. The lollipop may be superior to other vitamins.

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  • Readily available and pretty affordable through online sites.
  • Claims to be all-natural.
  • Its products appeal to both adults and children.
  • Hoodia is in the lollipops. Hoodia is a well-known appetite suppressant resulting in the consumption of less calories.


  • Fun Unlimited products are insufficient in and of themselves. Customers often have to buy other products to go along with Fun Unlimited Products.
  • Does not come with a money-back guarantee.
  • Does not emphasize the importance of a healthy diet and regular exercise. Only claims to assist people in healthy living.
  • Energy boosts are short-lived.
  • Advertised amounts expected to be included in Fun Unlimited products may be inaccurate. One consumer purchased the 30-pack of lollipops and received only seven in the shipment.
  • Some users do not see suppression of their appetites.


Fun Unlimited lives up to its brand name by providing a variety of products that make health enhancement enjoyable for adults and children. The lollipops are a pleasing way to make sure that your children get the vitamins and nutrients they need. These lollipops may be better than vitamins. Adult dieters enjoy using the lollipops as a means of losing weight. These products are readily available through many online retail sites.

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