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What You Should Know

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Fusion Bodybuilding claims to be honest and objective in its production promotion. It will not hype up a product or tell consumers it can do something when, in reality, it cannot.

Fusion Bodybuilding claims to have the strongest supplements in the bodybuilding industry. They claim to use science to make better supplements, resulting in users attaining what Fusion calls “the ultimate physique.”

It claims to use only the highest-quality sources. All of their ingredients are proven to work. This combination of proven, high-quality ingredients place Fusion at the head of the bodybuilding supplement class.

List of Ingredients

Fubar: Green tea, N-acetyl L-tyrosine, caffeine anhydrous, Yerba mate, and cacao).

Purple-K: creatine monohydrate

Sub-Q: Branched chain amino acids, raspberry ketone, dandelion leaf, green tea, caffeine anhydrous, makandi, N-acetyl L-tyrosine, clary sage, and black pepper.

Zeus: Testofen, long jack, golden root, and black pepper.

Shut-Eye: Seditol, melatonin, L-arginine, L-ornithine, and black pepper.

Agent-M: Branched chain amino acids, arginine, exclzyme, and black pepper.

Omega Oil is a natural blend of three types of fish oil: sardine, mackerel, and salmon body.

Product Features

Fusion Bodybuilding makes four products: muscle building supplements, fat burning supplements, energy supplements, and workout enhancing supplements. The muscle building supplements includes Agent M, Shut-eye, Zeus, and Sleeping Giant. The fat burning supplement is called Sub-Q. Its energy supplement is the Fu-Bar. Its workout enhancing supplement is called Purple-K.

There are a few price reductions on Fusion Bodybuilding products through online retail websites. Agent-M is now reduced from $50 to $40. Shut-Eye previously cost $65. Now, it may be purchased for $40. Fusion products are readily available on the Internet.

Descriptions and purposes of each ingredient may be found at the Fusion Bodybuilding official website.

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  • Official Fusion website includes before and after photos along with the supplements used by the bodybuilders.
  • Website is very well-organized and Fusion products are backed by numerous scientific studies.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids (contained in Omega Oil) are said to produce numerous health benefits (e.g., less inflammation, better blood flow, reduced body fat, etc.).


  • It is specifically designed to target bodybuilders. It does not provide much benefit for non-bodybuilders.
  • Better results are reported from other more technological products (e.g., Flex Arms).
  • T-boosters (testosterone boosters) do not back up the claims of Fusion.
  • Agent-M does not produce recovery in amounts desired by users.
  • Contains many ingredients in ineffectual quantities.


Before and after photos of bodybuilders using Fusion Bodybuilding products definitely reveal the outward change of increased muscle definition. There are numerous scientific studies backing up the ingredients used in Fusion products. There are also current price reductions through the online market.

Nevertheless, Fusion products seem similar to other bodybuilding supplements. Regular consumers prefer other products to Fusion, especially in the T-boosters department. Fusion products are geared toward regular weight-lifters and those entering bodybuilding competitions.

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