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Futurebiotics African Mango is a supplement proven to decrease body weight. Clinical studies confirm using 150 mg of African mango two times a day can lead to significant weight loss. Futurebiotics African Mango contains 150 mg per capsule. The supplement must be taken before meals to induce weight loss. The active ingredient in African mango is Irvingia gabonensis, so the ingredient may appear with this name on a supplement ingredient list.

List of Ingredients

Irvingia Gabonensis.

Product Features

The small, independent study included 102 overweight people. Participants were given 150 mg of African mango twice a day before meals or a placebo. They were instructed to continue eating and exercising as normal. After 10 weeks on the supplement, the average weight loss in the treated group was 28 pounds. The placebo group exhibited little to no weight loss.

While African mango is proven to increase weight loss, there is no reason to continue eating unhealthy foods and a high calorie diet while taking the supplement. Dieters can use the supplement to promote weight loss while reducing calories and increasing workout frequency and intensity. There are no studies associated with a reduced calorie diet, exercise plan and products like Futurebiotics African mango. We have no idea if diet and exercise will increase or decrease the effect.

African mango does not have stimulant or appetite suppressing qualities. The effect is hormonal as African mango stops fat production in the body. Genes and enzymes are also affected.

Futurebiotics African mango is available online from various vitamin retailers, but no prices are listed on the official website. iHerb.com sells the supplement for $15 a bottle. Each bottle contains a 30-day supply of African mango. The clinical study spanned 10 weeks, so the dieter should take at least 10 weeks of the supplement to see optimal effects. There is no information on how the supplement works after the first 10 weeks. Side effects reported were headache and gas. Similar side effects were reported by the placebo group.

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  • Clinically proven to induce weight loss in overweight participants.
  • Less expensive than other weight loss supplements.


  • Clinical evidence of weight loss is limited to one small study.
  • No known effects on dieters eating a reduced calorie diet and working out daily.
  • Study did not require participants to change eating and workout habits.


Futurebiotics African mango is considered a safe supplement with no stimulant properties. Overweight dieters may see beneficial results from taking the supplement for 10 weeks or more. The price is less than the average fat burner. The clinical study was relatively small, so dieters may wish to wait for larger studies before jumping onto the African mango train.

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