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As many people who want to lose weight soon learn, dieting alone is usually not enough to achieve one’s target weight. While diet is certainly important, it can be difficult to maintain on a day to day basis without assistance. It also does nothing to increase metabolism and help burn fat away faster. For this one will need a supplement or an effective exercise program, perhaps both. The FutWorks products offer a novel way to exercise that may help motivate you to lose weight more quickly while achieving a variety of other fitness benefits.


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The primary purpose of the FutPro by FutWorks is to help athletes practice effectively anywhere. It is designed to increase speed, agility, coordination, and total fitness. According to the manufacturer athletes that play soccer, basketball, hockey, lacrosse, and football will find the product especially useful. However, the workouts that are available are also good for the average person who is simply looking for a more exciting and unique method of exercise. The retail price for the Futworks Futpro is about $120 before shipping charges and taxes are added, although frequent sales may reduce the cost. This is the main product and is made of a steel spring mounted to a weighted stand and a solid ball. While it is a sturdy device, the manufacturer does not recommend it for power kicking practice. Four workout DVDs are also available for an additional $14.99 and an instructional DVD for the Futpro is available for $5.99


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  • Can easily be purchased directly from the manufacturer.
  • Offers a unique aerobic exercise option.




  • The product does not come with instructional DVDs.
  • The manufacturer offers no money back guarantee.
  • The cost of the product is high for what is essentially a soccer ball.
  • The product would likely not be as useful for someone unaccustomed to sports.
  • The products are only available directly from the manufacturer.




This is definitely a product to consider if you are interested in sports or have past experience playing sports. With the workout videos it can be an educational and entertaining method of getting and staying in shape. If you have no interest in any of the sports listed by the manufacturer, a different workout product would be advisable especially considering the cost of the device and the accessories. If you are simply looking for something to make weight loss easier and are content with more traditional workout methods you may find a weight loss supplement beneficial. Just remember to choose a product that has been clinically proven to be a safe and effective appetite suppressant, fat burner, or both.

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