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The amount of supplements available on the market today is constantly increasing. Locating the supplement that is most affordable and geared at accomplishing the goals you desire is becoming harder. The G.I. Lean program combines specific eating guidelines and a variety of supplements.

”G.I.” stands for “Glycemic Index.” Glycemic index is a measure of how fast or slow a carbohydrate is absorbed into the body. Foods that are low in glycemic index are more beneficial to the body because they take more time for the body to absorb them, thereby increasing the ability of the body to utilize the energy from the carbohydrate. Foods that are high in glycemic index are absorbed faster and are not used properly by the body. Therefore, the body stores them as fat. The G.I. Lean program instructs people to consume foods that are low in glycemic index along with supplements.

The G.I. Lean diet was developed by Dr. David Jenkins in 1981 after he did glycemic index studies and implemented them into his diet program.

List of Ingredients

One website reports there are many ingredients in the diet. It is broken down into four stages: three-day detox, kick start program, appetite-suppression, and maintenance.

Stage two includes supplements that are based on ingredients such as CLA, HCA, and chromium. Stage three includes products such as phaseolamin and yerba mate.

Product Features

Supplements include detoxification supplements, appetite-suppressing supplements, and fat-reducing supplements.

The first stage is detoxification of the body. It includes vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and laxatives. Users will experience some weight loss, but it will not be true weight loss. The second stage is the kick start program that includes taking supplements with CLA, HCA, and chromium. CLA is a fat reduction agent. HCA (hydroxycitric acid) has been shown to metabolize fat in rats and may assist in appetite reduction, preparing the person for the third stage. Chromium is a mineral that assists in digestion and weight loss. It is not known how much chromium is found in G.I. Lean products. Stage three implements phaseolamin (a carbohydrate blocker) and yerba mate (an appetite suppressant that is a modified version of caffeine).

At the current time, pricing for G.I. Lean products are not available.

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  • Some products may increase fat burning potential.
  • Developed by a medical doctor after performing scientific studies.
  • Diet is based on logical and reasonable conclusions. It just makes sense.


  • CLA increases insulin resistance, making it more likely to contract diabetes.
  • Yerba mate can cause insomnia and increased heart rate.
  • No money-back or satisfaction guarantee.
  • No customer testimonies attesting to its effectiveness on their website.
  • Does not emphasize the importance of regular exercise.
  • Other products seem to be more effective (e.g., Avasil).
  • Prices are not available at the present time.


G.I. Lean is developed by a medical doctor and seems to make sense in light of his glycemic index findings. Cut out the high-glycemic index foods and increase the low-glycemic index foods.

However, users and product reviewers are not convinced about the effectiveness of this product. It includes many steps, does not offer a satisfaction guarantee nor customer testimonials, and leaves prices unspecified. Other supplements (e.g., hoodia for appetite-suppression) may be more effective. Healthy eating must be combined with regular exercise.

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    So if I take G.I lean for a while then lose weight, if I leave it am I still be loosing weight or I’ll go back to be fat more than before?


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    Hi, Is it ok to use this product if am suffering from duodenal ulcer?


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