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G-Slim is a dietary supplement developed by Kerala Naturals. The supplement company, based in India, produces all-natural, certified organic products. The product line available from Kerala Naturals focuses on providing solutions to lifestyle problems such as weight loss and weight management. The signature product G-Slim is dietary supplement that offers a solution to weight loss. The supplement contains proven weight loss ingredients, is available on the official website and costs less than $7. This product seems too good to be true. We will take a closer look to see if this is the real deal.

List of Ingredients


  • Green Tea
  • Garcinia Camborgia

Product Features

G-Slim is a dietary supplement designed to assist with a well-structured weight management plan. When purchasing the supplement, dieters receive a 10-day supply, when taken three times a day as directed. Although there are only 60 capsules in the bottle, the cost is affordable. The cost of G-Slim is less than $7. This is by far one of the most inexpensive dietary supplements on the market. Dieters have the ability to purchase the supplement on the official website or third-party ecommerce sites such as Amazon.com.

The true test of the quality of a weight loss supplement is the ingredients. G-Slim contain the proven weight loss ingredient, green tea. The inclusion of Garcinia Cambogia claims to assist with appetite control, but there is no reference to clinical trials or scientific research.

There is a key component missing from the information relating to G-Slim. There is no mention of diet of exercise. Although the supplement contains a proven weight loss ingredient, this is not the only thing needed to increase weight loss.

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  • G-Slim is affordable.
  • The supplement is available on the official website.
  • The ingredient listing is available to review on the website.
  • G-Slim contains a proven weight loss ingredient.


  • There is no guarantee of weight loss.
  • There are no clinical trials related to the supplement.
  • There is no mention of scientific research associated with G-Slim.
  • International shipping is expensive.


When dieters take a closer look at G-Slim, the inclusion of proven weight loss ingredients is a pleasant surprise. This leads us to believe the company is serious about providing a weight loss supplement designed to assist with a healthy lifestyle. The other active ingredient could potentially assist with weight loss as well. Overall, the manufacturers of G-Slim provide dieters with a verifiable weight loss solution. The concern we have with the product is there is no mention of diet and exercise. Without information relating to diet and exercise, a dieter could think the supplement will produce results alone. This is definitely not the case.

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    Please advise if you do the shipping to South Africa.


  • 3

    If this capsules taken then any effects in future?because they don’t have clinically trials?


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    i hd an hysterectomy done last yr.i m deficit to vit d n b12.so cn i tk dis capsule.my wght is 93 n hght is 5’4


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    Amazing product.. good result & price is affordable ..


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    I brought G-slim through Ebay. I got good result from the first bottle. I loose 3 kg. – one month duration – . Thank you G-Slim. Thank you Kerala Naturals.



    but what was your diet plans/ did you do other physical activity like exercise? or any other diet?


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