Gaia Herbs Uva Ursi Leaf Review

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What You Should Know

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Gaia Herbs Uva Ursi Leaf is a diuretic supplement aimed at reducing water retention. This supplement is not supposed to be used for weight loss, though many weight loss supplements include diuretics. The only effect diuretics have on weight is a temporary reduction in water storage. The dieter sees an instant change on the scale, but the body will retain water naturally to support organ health. Without water, the body will die. Gaia Herbs Uva Ursi Leaf is a liquid supplement. The dieter takes 40 to 60 drops up to three times a day in a warm glass of water. Long-term use of diuretics can lead to dehydration, potassium loss and electrolyte imbalance.

List of Ingredients

Organic Uva Ursi Leaf, Water, Organic Grain Alcohol.

Product Features

Uva ursi is a popular diuretic. Most often, the supplement is used in tablet or capsule form. In liquid form, the dieter consumes grain alcohol. Even in small quantities, grain alcohol can impair judgment and cause a feeling of drunkenness. This supplement is not appropriate for children or adults under 21 years of age because of the high alcohol content.

Why are diuretics so popular with dieters? Diuretics quickly push water out of the body. Imaging losing the same amount of weight in the middle of a diet that you lost in the first few days. Diuretics help a dieter achieve these results, but the weight loss has nothing to do with increased metabolism or fat loss. Instead, the dieter loses water, but the body keeps tabs on how much water is lost. When the dieter stops taking the diuretic, the body will store the water again and the weight lost will return.

Gaia Herbs Uva Ursi Leaf sells on the official website. The product is 100% vegan and is tested for impurities.

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  • Sells online from the official website.
  • Dieters can take the supplement to reduce water weight.


  • Weight lost will return when the dieter stops taking Gaia Herbs Uva Ursi Leaf.
  • There are not fat burning ingredients.
  • There are no metabolism boosting ingredients.
  • The supplement could cause dehydration and potassium loss.
  • Loss of potassium can be deadly.


There are a long list of dangers associated with uva ursi and other diuretics. Gaia Herbs Uva Ursi Leaf does not contain potassium, which could mean the dieter will suffer potassium loss and negative side effects associated with potassium loss after taking this supplement. We suggest choosing a healthy, fat burner in place of a water pill. Fat burners increase metabolism and weight loss because they help the body burn more calories. All weight loss supplements should be taken with a healthy diet and exercise program.

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