Gaiam AM And PM Yoga Review

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Yoga involves a series of poses and movements designed to lengthen the body and tone muscles. There are various Yoga workouts. Some are very intense, increasing metabolism and fat burn. Others are gentle and smooth, aimed at calming the body and centering energy for healthy sleep. The Gaiam AM and PM Yoga video combines two 20-minute workouts for a complete day of Yoga. The AM workout awakens the body and energizes the follower for the day. The PM workout helps the follower close the day with a calming workout to eliminate stress and stretch muscles used (or not used) during the day. The AM portion of the workout is instructed by Rodney Yee. The PM portion is instructed by Patricia Walden.

List of Ingredients

Two Yoga Workouts, Bonus Workout and Interviews with Instructors.

Product Features

Before starting the Gaiam AM and PM Yoga DVD, the follower should purchase a block, strap and yoga mat. These are used during the AM and PM workouts. The DVD starts with a 20-minute early morning workout with Rodney Yee on the beaches of Maui. The instructor takes the body through gentle stretches and invigorating poses to awaken muscles and mind. Rodney Yee is a world-renowned instructor and retired ballet dancer.

The PM workout is a bit different. The instructor changes to Patricia Walden and the location changes to the Death Valley National Park. The PM workout aims to soothe the body, relieve stress and evoke comfortable sleep.

The trouble with the Gaiam AM and PM Yoga is the lack of cardio workout. The follower does not increase heart rate in the morning or the evening and they have already put in 40 minutes of workout by the time they follow both portions of the DVD. We assume this workout program should be followed only a few days a week to leave time for a cardio and weight training routine on alternate days.

The Gaiam AM and PM Yoga DVD sells for $16 from the official website. This is less expensive than other multiple workout DVDs.

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  • Simple wake-up and calming workouts for the beginner.
  • Cheaper than other workout DVDs.


  • May not allow time for a cardio workout.
  • Followers should be familiar with yoga or watch the DVD before attempting the workouts.


The Gaiam AM and PM Yoga DVD may be ideal for the beginner wanting to learn more about the benefits of Yoga. Typically, cardio Yoga DVDs involve intense workouts with extreme stretching and poses that require strength and balance. This series of workouts is focused on energizing in the morning and sleeping well at night. There is no diet guidelines included with the workout so the dieter may not see an increase in weight loss.

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