Gaiam Kettlenetics Slim And Tone Kit Review

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Gaiam Kettlenetics Slim and Tone Kit comes with three workouts and a kettle bell. The kettle bell weighs just four pounds, but most beginners will find this weight sufficient for the first few weeks. The program instructor is Michelle Khai, the creator of the Kettlenetics program. Complete details on the program and kit are available from the official Gaiam website. Using kettle bells for cardio and toning workouts takes some practice as the weight is often used for swinging exercises. Everything the dieter needs to follow the Kettlenetics program is included in the Gaiam Kettlenetics Slim and Tone Kit.

List of Ingredients

Three Workouts, Weight Loss Guide and 4-Pound Kettle bell.

Product Features

The three workouts included in the Gaiam Kettlenetics Slim and Tone Kit are KB Elements, Flowmotion Basics and Cardio Balanced. The first two workouts last 20 minutes and the final cardio workout lasting 40 minutes. Beginners may wish to start with the KB Elements portion of the workout DVD to better understand how kettle bells are used for cardio and muscular fitness. After the follower gains some control over the kettle bell, they can move on to the other workouts for optimal fitness.

Reviews on the official Gaiam website suggest the workout is slightly more intense than many dieters expected. Several followers suggest sticking with the first 20 minute workout for a few weeks before progressing to the next workout. Using kettle bells engages muscles not typically used during cardio exercise, so even the dieter who works out several days a week will feel the burn. It is important to warm up and cool down when following a Kettlenetics program.

There is a weight loss guide included with the Kettlenetics program, so dieters can expect a reduced calorie diet to help improve weight loss success. There are no details on the diet plan included with Gaiam Kettlenetics Slim and Tone Kit. No supplements or fat burners are mentioned on the official website or in the DVD description. We suggest healthy dieters take supplements to boost weight loss and metabolism. When paired with diet and exercise, proven ingredients can help a dieter lose more weight in less time.

The Gaiam Kettlenetics Slim and Tone Kit sells for $30 from the official website.

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  • Includes everything the follower needs to complete a kettle bell workout.
  • The kettle bell weighs just four pounds, perfect for beginners.


  • The beginner may find the advanced workout too hard.
  • Kettle bell exercises can place stress on joints, in some cases.
  • No description of the weight loss guide or tips for weight loss.


The Gaiam Kettlenetics Slim and Tone Kit packs three workouts and a kettle bell into a small package. The dieter simply opens the box and puts in the DVD for a quick, easy workout. The dieter may not like the diet suggestions included in the weight loss guide, which is a chance they will have to take if they want to workout with Kettlenetics.

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