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Instructor Rodney Yee started out as a ballet dancer. After his dancing career, he started practicing and teaching Yoga techniques, including Gaiam Power Yoga: Flexibility. Flexibility is important to weight loss, improved muscle and recovery after a workout. The DVD runs 25 minutes and includes a warm-up, deep stretches and fluid movements. For some beginners, the movement from one Yoga stretch to the next could be just quick enough to increase heart rate, though the DVD is not designed for weight loss.

The Gaiam Power Yoga websites sells Gaiam Power Yoga: Flexibility for $10. The website also sells other Yoga and total body workouts.

List of Ingredients

Power Yoga flexibility exercises on DVD.

Product Features

The Gaiam Power Yoga: Flexibility DVD is filmed in Joshua Tree National Park. Instructor Rodney Yee guides the workout with fluid movements aimed at stretching muscles, lengthening the body and evoking a calm known only to Yogis. Unlike other Rodney Yee Yoga workouts, the Gaiam Power Yoga: Flexibility DVD is not designed to increase weight loss or for the advanced Yogi. Instead, the DVD can be used by everyone from the beginner to the advanced Yogi to aid muscle recovery.

At only 25 minutes, the DVD is relatively short, but flexibility DVDs can be followed every day. Though many of the moves will be difficult to achieve and hold in the beginning, flexibility gradually improves and after just a short while, the follower may find they easily follow the Gaiam Power Yoga: Flexibility workout.

We found no diet or cardio exercise suggestions. This workout is aimed at flexibility, not weight loss or fat burn, so the dieter will need to follow a regular exercise program in addition to the Gaiam Power Yoga: Flexibility DVD.

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  • The DVD sells on the official website for less than $10.
  • The instructor is a former ballet dancer.
  • The DVD promotes flexibility so beginners can easily follow along.
  • Can be performed every day.
  • Fantastic user reviews.
  • Ideal for the beginner just starting Yoga.


  • May be too intense for some beginners.
  • No diet is outlined on the DVD.
  • Does not promote cardio exercise or fat burn.
  • Some of the stretches may be difficult for someone overweight or obese.


Gaiam Power Yoga: Flexibility is not a cardio or fitness workout. The program is ideal for stretching muscles after another workout or helping the dieter start following Yoga. The DVD is relatively short, but 25 minutes of stretching is more than enough for muscle lengthening. Dieters will need to research a low calorie diet and supplement the flexibility DVD with a cardio workout.

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