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The Gaiam series of workouts includes several specialized Yoga workouts. One is the Gaiam Prenatal Yoga workout with Shiva Rea. The workout DVD includes workouts for all phases of pregnancy, including the first, second and third trimester. Yoga is an exercise that empowers muscles and lengthens the body. Poses are chosen to support pain relief during labor and help relieve aches and pains associated with pregnancy. While Yoga is not always a cardio exercise, it can be a beneficial part of a pregnancy workout program. Shiva Rea is a yoga instructor with experience doing Yoga during pregnancy. Her fellow instructors are pregnant during the video. Having a pregnant instructor supports a connection between the Yoga instructor and the follower.

List of Ingredients

Yoga workout DVD for pregnant women.

Product Features

Yoga is an exercise for both men and women, but Gaiam Prenatal Yoga is designed just for women. The DVD includes workouts for all phases of pregnancy. Poses and moves are altered for the unique changes that occur in the body during pregnancy. Two instructors are pregnant during the video, which facilitates a connection between the follower and instructors.

Gaiam Prenatal Yoga is not created for weight loss. The moves will not greatly increase metabolism or heart rate, as this is not the goal of a prenatal workout. The goal is to increase flexibility and give the follower breathing exercises to help gain personal strength during pregnancy and child birth.

The two pregnant instructors are at different stage of pregnancy. The movements are modified so followers in all pregnancy stages can complete the workout. It is important to perform the warm-up and cool-down during every workout. The remaining segments can be followed in order or the follower can choose one or more segments for a personalized prenatal workout.

Several pieces of fitness equipment are needed to complete the workout. The DVD is sold as a standalone workout for $16 or as part of a kit for $48. The kit includes three workout DVDs for pregnancy.

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  • Pregnancy workout with pregnant instructors.
  • Altered versions of the workout focus on various stages of pregnancy.
  • Gaiam Prenatal Yoga sells for an affordable price.


  • Not a weight loss workout.
  • May not increase metabolism or fat burn.
  • No diet guidelines are included with the DVD.


The Gaiam Prenatal Yoga DVD is ideal for the pregnant woman who wants to elongate muscles, increase flexibility and naturally fight pain associated with pregnancy. The DVD is not created for dieters wishing to lose weight, so a diet plan is not included. The moves are performed by three instructors, two of which are pregnant. Beginners to Yoga may find the workout ideal for off-cardio days.

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