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Gaiam Ultimate Power Yoga is a yoga workout DVD by well known yoga professional, Rodney Yee. This DVD features five different workouts and is designed for people who want to learn how to use yoga to get in shape, to strengthen their body and mind. We will take a closer look at the DVD so potential buyers know what to expect before making the purchase.

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Gaiam Ultimate Power Yoga has five different workout routines that users can mix and match to create the best routine for their taste and time slot. The five workouts are as follows: Power Foundation which lasts 15 minutes; Strengthening Sun Salutations which lasts 20 minutes; Sculpting Standing Poses which lasts 20 minutes; Broadening Back Bends which lasts 20 minutes; and Ultimate Power Restoration which lasts 10 minutes. Each one of the workouts is aimed at a different muscle group or part of the body, so if you take the time to do the entire DVD together or over the course of a day, you will get a complete full body workout. To keep your muscles guessing and to prohibit them from getting too much muscle memory, you should always vary the order of the workouts and alternate them from day to day. You do not have to have an understanding of the practice to benefit from the DVDs, though basic understanding of yoga will help you get started.

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  • Gaiam Ultimate Power Yoga is a great way to use yoga as part of your exercise program.
  • Rodney Yee is well known for his ability to teach yoga.
  • The short workout time makes it easy to fit in one or more workouts throughout the day.


  • Gaiam Ultimate Power Yoga does not address diet or weight loss.
  • This product may be too easy for people who are familiar with yoga and consider themselves experts.
  • There are some poses that drag on for a long time, while you are quickly rushed through others.


Gaiam Ultimate Power Yoga is a good DVD choice for people who want to be able to do yoga workouts from home. However, simply doing yoga on a regular basis is not enough to see weight loss. You must be willing to make some dietary changes to healthier foods and fewer overall calories if you want to see real weight loss. A balanced diet should be combined with a regular exercise routine like this one to achieve your wight loss goals. To see more weight loss within a shorter period of time, consider using a proven weight loss supplement that contains clinically proven amounts of fat burning or appetite suppressing ingredients.

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