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Gaiam Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss is a DVD workout for those who wish to lose weight with yoga. There is also a book written by Suzanne Deason and Gaiam. Gaiam is a reputable green lifestyle and health and fitness company. The book is available through a variety of merchants online. The book and DVD work well together, as well as on their own to help people learn how to use the power of yoga to strengthen their bodies and minds.


There are no ingredients as this is a weight loss DVD workout and not a weight loss supplement.

Product Features

Both the book and DVD will show people how to use various yoga poses in order to lose weight, The book does a good job at explaining the mind-body connection which is integral to participating in yoga. The book is for the most part dedicated to explaining and showing illustration for many of the different yoga poses, and many consider this as a plus because many books do not take the time to delve too far into poses and material. The DVD shows the movements and offers instruction on how to use the positions. Perhaps the most important and appreciated part of the book is learning to understand your body in order to make it work for you. Many reviews speak highly of the book and DVD calling them informative, practical, and effective.

Deason is an excellent Yoga instructor who has created a program that is easy for anyone to do, regardless of experience level. Many who use the program say that she uses a very soft and encouraging voice throughout the video which makes it enjoyable to participate in the workouts.

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  • Consumer reviews point out that both the book and DVD are all positive and speak very highly of Suzanne Deason.
  • Low cost and effective option for people looking to get started.


  • Some people may not want to buy the book and the DVD together, though many say they are effective stand alone products.
  • Some customers may not have the patience to sit through the DVD video or read the book.


For anyone looking to get into Yoga as a way to strengthen your mind and body while losing weight, the Gaiam Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss DVD and book are a great way to do it. Yoga is a great form of exercise that is low stress on the body and is recommended for those who cannot participate in other sports and activities due to physical constraints. Suzanne Deason also has several other yoga DVDs for different experience levels which makes it a great option for many different people.

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