Gaiam Yoga Essentials Kit Review

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The Gaiam Yoga Essentials Kit is available online from Amazon and the Gaiam website. It is a tool kit that contains everything you need to do yoga. Inside the Yoga Kit, you will find a yoga mat, yoga bricks, and a strap. This kit is moderately priced and will depend on the merchant you purchase the kit from. Expect to spend an average of $20 to $30 plus shipping and handling for the kit.


There are no ingredients as this is a product review rather than a weight loss supplement review.

Product Features

The Gaiam Yoga Essentials Kit contains everything you need to get started with a yoga routine. The kit contains a mat, bricks, and strap to help you feel comfortable as you complete different yoga positions. The yoga bricks help people provide support and concentration as they perform the workout. The strap in the kit also works to stabilize positions so as to ensure people get the most from their workouts. None of these are truly necessary to engage in yoga, though they will make it easier and more comfortable to do if you have the things in the kit. Each of these things can be purchased individually, but you will save money by purchasing them all together in the Yoga Essentials Kit.

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  • Slimline design makes the mat convenient to use.
  • Bricks are helpful when suffering from a sprain or strain while working out.


  • Can get too slippery when you get too hot and sweaty.
  • Will take motivation and dedication to help you lose weight.


The Gaiam Yoga Essentials is a very inexpensive way to get started with yoga. The mat, bricks, and strap all play an important role in doing yoga. Yoga will help you lose weight and strengthen your body only if you do the moves correctly and consistently. You will have to combine the use of yoga with a healthy diet that includes the right kinds of foods and plenty of water to keep the body hydrated and strong. If you need help getting started in yoga, there are plenty of books and DVDs out there to help you. The Gaiam website offers plenty of information and products to help anyone with yoga. The Yoga For Weight Loss kit is available directly from the Gaiam website for $30. This kit is slightly different from the essentials kit in that it includes 3 pound push-up weights to help you instead of the bricks, and it includes a workout DVD with 60 minutes worth of routines to help you get started in your weight loss quest. The site offers free shipping on orders over $50.

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