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Galaxy Brands is a nutritional supplement company that creates tasty, calorie-controlled, and nutritionally-sound snack bars designed to replace meals. The staff of scientists at Galaxy Brands has a combined one hundred years of experience in the nutritional supplement industry.

Galaxy Brands products are created with the intention of providing tasty, convenient snack bars that are based on how many calories a person consumes in a meal. This company is one of few in the supplement industry that emphasize a hands-on approach from production to consumer. They are concerned with product quality (as opposed to quantity) and flavor consistency. Galaxy Brands products are produced in small quantities, not in bulk. This does not forbid the consumer from purchasing numerous boxes of Galaxy Brands products.

List of Ingredients

N/A. This is a company that produces numerous nutritional supplements, each with multiple ingredients. Detailed lists of ingredients on the labels are available on websites.

Product Features

Currently, a 18-bar bag of peanut butter crisp Bag-O-Midgets costs $16.99. A box of eight Linny Mac Bars (peanut butter crisp flavor) costs $13.79. A box of eight peanut butter crisp flavored Midget Bars costs $13.49. These are marked down from $24.89, $23.00, and $16.99, respectively. Other flavors available in the Midget Bars are dark chocolate peanut butter crisp and white chocolate peanut butter crisp.

The Bag-O-Midgets is gluten free and described as an all-natural portion control protein bar. It is also low in sodium, low in glycolic index, and does not contain sugar alcohols. Linny Mac are also gluten free, contain 200 calories (Bag-O-Midgets is 100), low in sodium and glycemin, and high in protein and fiber. It is all-natural. The Midget Bar contains all the same highlights as the Linny Mac bars as well as not containing sugar alcohols. It contains 190 calories. All three bars contain no trans-fat. A final product produced by Galaxy Brands is Morph Bars.

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  • Moderately priced when compared with other bar-based meal replacements.
  • Available through larger online retail websites.
  • Bars are low in sodium and calories and high in protein and fiber.
  • Products are palatable-friendly.


  • Taste may not appeal to everyone.
  • Do not help in losing weight.
  • Promotion as meal replacements may be inaccurate. Some users report that one bar is not enough to fill them up.
  • Other products may be better (e.g., Hoodia, Purefit).
  • Does not emphasize the importance of regular exercise. It only assists in the healthy eating component of weight loss. Even there, it may not live up to expectations.


Galaxy Brand snack bars are tasty and pleasing to the palates of most people. They are low in sodium and calories while high in fiber and protein. The company is committed to providing high quality (not necessarily high quantity) and flavorful snack bars. They are also moderately priced.

However, users report that they do not help in losing weight and that other products are more beneficial and effective. The bars do not assist in regular exercise that is part of overall health.

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