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Galderma was founded in 1981 as a result of a joint venture between Nestle and L’Oreal. It is the world’s leading dermatology company that has thirty-one affiliates among the major countries of the five major continents. Currently, there are over 3,000 people working for Galderma worldwide. There are three manufacturing sites (France, Canada, and Brazil) and three research and development sites (France, United States, and Japan). In 2009, Galderma reported a 10.8% increase in sales when compared to sales in 2008.

Galderma emphasizes its commitment to providing products that produce results and have scientific research backing them up. Galderma’s research has resulted in over 1,700 scientific publications, the development of over 500 inventions, and the filing of 5,000 patent applications and patents. In addition, about 20% of the company’s revenues are used to discover new drugs and come up with innovative technologies. Galderma is a cutting-edge company that backs its products through scientific research and conclusions.

List of Ingredients

N/A. Galderma produces numerous products for all sorts of skin conditions. Therefore, a comprehensive or summary list of ingredients is beyond the scope of this article. Consumers may go to the official Galderma website to see a list of all their products and the active ingredients in some of them.

Product Features

Many of the Galderma products are not available except through dermatologists or other health care providers. Some may be accessible through online retail websites. For example, Galderma Dy-O-Derm (designed to treat vitiligo) may be found on some websites.

Galderma makes products to treat or control vitiligo, acne, androgenetic alopecia, atopic dermatitis and steroid responsive conditions, dry skin, fungal infections/nails, melasma, mild steroid responsive conditions, psoriasis, rosacea, skin cancers, skin senescence, and very dry skin. The most number of products are made to treat acne and rosacea.

The majority of Galderma products are prescription medications. Their prices would only be available through a local dermatologist. However, a four-ounce tube of Dy-O-Derm is on sale through one online retailer for $16.59. This is marked down from $25.95.

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  • Galderma is a well-known, world-renowned company.
  • Uses innovative research that complies with marketing authorizations.
  • Website is very professional in appearance and easy to navigate through. It contains ingredient lists for its products.


  • Majority of products are only available through a dermatologist-given prescription.
  • Prescription drugs may be pricy, especially if one has no medical insurance.
  • Website does not include customer testimonials or before and after photos.
  • Does not highlight importance of drinking water as part of healthy, young-looking skin.
  • No money-back guarantee with the online purchase of Dy-O-Derm.


Galderma provides a plethora of products to improve and maintain one’s dermatological health. It is an internationally-renowned company. It uses innovative technology in its product research and development.

Most of its products are available through dermatologists or other health care providers. Only one product is available through online websites or in stores. Thus, their accessibility is very low. Websites do not show before-and-after photos and there is no money-back guarantee on Dy-O-Derm.

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    sherry heilman

    where can I purchase dy-o-derm


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    Sharon McWhorter

    Galderma also is the manufacture of Cetaphil products. These are over the counter cleansers and moisturizers that are sold at most retail and food stores. The cleansers and moisturizers are for dry sensitive skin.