Galenic Elancyl Lipo-Redux Review

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Galenic Elancyl Lipo-Reducing Concentrate Duo is a set of two creams which are supposed to eat away at fat after you rub them on. Many companies have created products to capitalize on the industry of dieting and weight loss because there are so many people trying to lose weight. Learn more about the creams to see if you believe they will work or not.


A full ingredient list is not available, though these are the only active ingredients listed on the product website.

Product Features

Both the Lipo-Reducing Concentrate and Lipo-Reducing Specific Stomach Zone have the same active ingredients. With the same active ingredients, why would you need both?

Caffeine cannot and will not actively “eat” the fat cells in your body. If this was the case, many of us would be skinny as it is, because caffeine is a heavily used drug in many drinks we ingest which contribute to the fat problem in the first place. It will however, stimulate blood cells around the area it is applied to, giving the appearance of smoother, tighter skin.

Phloridzin is taken from apples and used because it contains very high levels of antioxidants which are good for your body and skin.

Pilosella is a known toxin, but it also has an antibiotic and appetite suppressant use in some medical applications.

Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone (HMC) is a flavonoid taken from citrus fruits. It will work to lessen the appearance of broken capillaries and vessels and make the skin look tighter and healthier by regulating the blood flow.

The products must be purchased together as a set, and will cost you a bit over $100. It doesn’t seem like a worthy investment as no product has ever been proven to remove cellulite from the body. It may appear to work because it tightens and smooths the skin, but the cells will still be there, and when the topical cream is discontinued, those cells will likely come back to view.

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  • No daily supplements, just a simple topical application to the skin areas you wish to improve.


  • Expensive-especially for two products with the exact same active ingredients that cannot be purchased separately.
  • Not proven to work.
  • No money back guarantee.
  • No customer testimonials.


Knowing that these two things cannot be purchased individually and contain the exact same thing should throw a red flag up for many. Combined with the fact that no topical cream or other “treatment” has been proven to remove cellulite should be enough to steer people away from this product. Add to it the fact that there are no testimonials and no money back guarantee on such a high dollar product, and why would you want to buy it? Not to mention the fact that these ingredients may behave differently when applied directly to the skin as compared to when they are ingested into the body, and no one knows for sure of the differences.

Take that $100 and spend it on something you know will work to improve the appearance of your body. Spend it on healthy food, a gym membership, and start eating a balanced diet with plenty of water and exercise and you will surely see results.

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