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Gamma O is a product marketed toward people who are looking to build lean muscle mass, strength and stamina with legal enhancers. It is meant for athletes more so than those who are just trying to lose weight and get in better shape.


Gamma oryzanol.

Product Features

Gamma oryzanol is a mixture of substances derived from rice bran oil, including sterols and ferulic acid. This is the only ingredient, hence the name Gamma O. This substance has been approved in Japan for the treatment of various conditions such as mild anxiety, menopausal symptoms, upset stomach and high cholesterol. In the United States, it is used to treat high cholesterol and as a sports supplement.

Many different websites sell Gamma O, but the average cost is about $80 for 30 servings. This is an outrageous cost for a supplement, but many looking to get ripped bodies are willing to pay it. Not much is available on how you should take this supplement. It is not a weight loss supplement, and should not be treated as such. This is meant to provide athletes with the nutrients they need to build muscle mass and may lose during a workout. These supplements are not to be used by beginners who are just starting to workout, or for those that do not workout often.

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  • The Gamma oryzanol is thought to help lower cholesterol.


  • Expensive.
  • No product guarantee.
  • Not a weight loss supplement.


This product is not suited for those who are trying to lose weight and get healthier. If this is what you are trying to do, you should look the other way and see if you can find a proven supplement with a money back guarantee that contains both thermogenic chemicals and appetite suppressants. Combine this supplement with the use of a good exercise routine and a balanced diet containing plenty of fruits and vegetables and water. This will help you see more of a weight loss than the use of Gamma O.

For athletes who think the Gamma O supplement may be a good choice for them, you need to consider how much working out you are doing and what your dietary needs are. For those who are working out enough and still not building enough lean muscle mass, then Gamma O may be a good choice for you. If you are just a novice athlete who spends no more than half an hour each day on a workout, then you should probably continue looking for something to better suite you as Gamma O is meant for more hardcore athletes.

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One User Review about Gamma O

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    Marc Ratner

    “Gamma O is meant for more hardcore athletes..”

    WAT? The stuff is a farce. Rice bran oil and corn oil and its been tested and does nothing. Why would a hardcore athlete take something so obviously useless? Do hardcore athletes like to get ripped off buying junk?