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Gano Excel, founded in 1995 in Malaysia, is a self-styled frontrunner in the Ganoderma wellness industry. They manufacture a range of health, fitness and beauty products.

The Ganoderma wellness industry has recently sprouted from the ancient soil of Chinese herbal medicine. The term “Ganoderma” is a combination of the Greek words gano (brightness) and derma (skin). This term was first used to describe the Lingzhi mushroom (aka Ganoderma Lucidum). This mushroom has been used in Chinese herbal medicine for a few thousand years. The Chinese believed that this mushroom had very potent medicinal powers. Gano Excel manufactures dietary-supplements, food and beverage products, skin care products, cosmetics, personal care products, and household items. Examples of their products include ganoderma, excellium, gano garcinia, sakanno, royal excellium, spirograss, nakodi, noble garden beau klenz, noble garden pearl femining, gano tea, gano coffee (in the Philippines), ganoderma chocolate drink (in the Philippines), gano honey, g’beaute cleansing cream, facial foam, day cream, night cream, body lotion, eye gel, and silk basic shampoo and conditioner. The common ingredient in all of these products is Ganoderma Lucidum.

List of Ingredients

Gano Garcinia: Garcinia Atroviridis, Tamarindus Indica, Ganoderma.

Product Features

Many of Gano Excel’s products contain Ganoderma Lucidum. Ancient Chinese medical texts have described this mushroom as a physical and spiritual panacea. Though this mushroom has certainly been praised beyond reason, it may be a healthy addition to one’s diet. This mushroom contains several ingredients that have known health benefits: polysaccharides, terpenes, other bioactive compounds and ganoderic acid. These compounds are thought to lower blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar. They may also help prevent certain forms of cancer. These alleged benefits are associated with most edible fungi (e.g. various types of mushrooms, including the better-known Shitake mushroom). This mushroom seems to be the foundation for many of Gano Excel’s food-supplement products.

Garcinia Astroviridis is extracted from the fruit by the same name. This fruit is common in Southeast Asia. It is sour to the taste, but full of vitamins. This ingredient is good, but taking a multi-vitamin would be better.

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  • These products may be good for your health.
  • Many of these products are available globally.


  • The dietary supplement products are expensive (around $40 for a month’s supply).
  • Some of Gano Excel’s products are only available in Southeast Asia.
  • Though mushrooms can be incorporated into a healthy diet to good effect, there is no research to prove that they help when applied topically in gels, creams or lotions.


Gano Excel is an international company that has an established reputation for providing good products. When the cost of their products is weighed against the benefits, their products come up short. In other words, the real and supposed benefits of their products can be achieved through other products at a lower cost. If cost is not a great concern for you, consider these products carefully. Get past the manufacturer’s sensational claims to the kernel of proven benefit. As long as you have realistic expectations, you may find a product from this company that meets your needs.

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9 User Reviews about Gano Excel

  • 1
    Mayra Guzman

    He estado usando el producto por mas de dos años y aparte que me quito mis dolores de rodillas, me bajo los niveles de azucar en la sangre al punto de poder eliminar parte de los medicamentos que usaba para eso. Lo estoy buscando para comprarlo de nuevo porque en donde vivo no lo estoy consiguiendo


    Mayra Vergara

    Hola! Disculpe pudo concegir el producto? hace casi un año de que dejo su comentario. Es primera ves que entro a esta pagina.



    Puedes comprarlo directamente de la compania.. A por mayor,.. Mandame un email si Estas interesada


  • 2

    Great products,great people,great company!


  • 3

    What is the difference of garcinia astroviridis and garcinia?Which is the best plan to loose weight?


  • 4

    I,ve tried gano excel coffee, but never seen any benefits to drinking it. the tasts is ok! I found a coffee product that tastes grreat… and won’t spike your insulin will burn stored fat, and the only company legally allowed to make that claim.


  • 5
    James Van Dusen

    This product is just great as the coffee is so so smoooth, and as for releaf during a cold the warm cerial is good going down, no after taste, no side effects…


  • 6

    Having been affiliated with the company, I can tell you that I saw modest results in people taking the Gano Excel products…but equally saw some amazing results as well. I used to sell the product, but wasn’t too great at sales, so ended up picking up a JOB. But, I still take the products, and if you take them monthly, the cost is much less than retail costs. Just a healthy tip.


  • 7

    is there warranty available that gano`s some drugs enhance men`s health?