Gano Ganoderma Coffee Review

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Gano Ganoderma Coffee is one of many diet and weight loss products containing the miracle ingredient Hoodia Gordonii. Sorting through the many products to find out which ones are good and do well at helping people to lose weight and the bad ones who just use the Hoodia Gordonii name is quite the task.


The Gano Ganoderma Coffee is made with Ganoderma and Hoodia Gordonii.

Product Features

Ganoderma is a red mushroom which has been used in medicine for a long time. These red mushrooms claim to reduce fatigue while increasing energy, however, there is no scientific evidence to support the claims as true.

Hoodia Gordonii is a cactus like plant which is known for its ability to suppress the need for food and water for periods of time without sacrificing energy or ability to function. It effectively tricks the brain into believing it does not need as much food or water and therefore allows people to eat less and lose weight easier while so far proving no negative side effects.

Because Hoodia Gordonii is a very popular ingredient, it is in high demand with little supply. To make matters worse for manufacturers and consumers, the plant molecule is very hard to harvest. Despite the fact that Gano Ganoderma Coffee claims to contain genuine Hoodia, there is no real proof that it does, and without this proof, it is hard to judge the validity of the product.

The cost of the product will vary depending on the amount purchased at the time, as buying in bulk is an option. A case containing 10 boxes, each with 12 servings of the coffee amounts to $120 plus shipping and handling charges, which equates to $1 per serving, or $30 a month if you only have one per day. The cost lends to the fact that genuine Hoodia may be present in the product.

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  • Cost effective
  • Is said to contain Hoodia.


  • No proof of real Hoodia in the ingredients.
  • No research to back the product claims.
  • No proof of what Red Mushrooms really do or don’t do to help weight loss.
  • No customer testimonials.


The Gano Ganoderma Coffee does a good job at getting in on the Hoodia craze. The fact that no proof is offered to show the validity of the Hoodia claim in the ingredients, along with no research to back their claims that this product will help one lose weight by addressing appetite suppression should lead you searching for another product. Try to find a product that can verify the purity of the Hoodia included which also contains thermogenic ingredients to help you burn fat and suppress the appetite as both of these are major components to any weight loss supplement which really has what it needs to work effectively. Once you find this supplement, combine it with a healthy diet and exercise regimen and watch the pounds melt off your body.

10 User Reviews About Gano Ganoderma Coffee

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  • 1
    Ivan Cruz

    drank the coffe and chocolate for two days and the first day i felt ache in my feet and my knees and the second day my hands and arms. i only have these symptoms when its winter time not in spring or summer time. this never happened to me before with other coffies. haaa i forgot to mention the first day it gave me disconfort to my stomach.


  • 2

    Wondering if anyone else is experiencing more negative brain activity, in my case obsessive thinking, rage, violent dreams? Or was it coincidence at the same time I began drinking one cup/morning regularly, I also reached my mental breaking point? I’d like to quit it and see if this clears up; at the same time the guy who recommended it told me to drink it for at least 4 weeks to see some improvement regarding body aches and joint stiffness. I’ve got two more weeks to go, yikes!
    Thinking maybe that’s why it’s called The Red mushroom…



    Well when I took my first two cups the pain in my foot went away, but a few weeks later my knees started to ache. And just two days ago I had a headache that would not go sway. I thought that I needed to drink more coffee but the more I drank the intense my head hurt. I have not had any coffee today and no headache.


  • 3

    I tried the ganoderma coffee because I was addicted to coffee and it was killing my stomach. I am able to drink the ganoderma coffee and I feel great, no stomach pain like before. Lots more energy and sleeping better at night. It has also helped with menopausal sypmtoms as well.


  • 4

    I was a very heavy coffee drinker. I drank it black and I only drank a special blend of French Roast. Basically I was a coffee snob and addicted. I tried to quit but every time I would get headaches and feel bad so I’d go right back to it. I tried the ganoderma coffee and I have completely given up my former coffee. I feel great, no headaches, no coffee addiction. You can say what you want but unless you drink it for yourself and see what it does you basically are just guessing based on misinformation, or no information.


  • 5
    lynn spray

    What kind of diease does it cure. How often should you drink this coffee


    patricia hernandez

    if i was to tell uu this product cures i would be a liar. but if you take the capsules like it says with constancy it will work.IFyou have something it will regulate you sugar high o low blood pressure . it will help you prevent dieseases.



    It doesn’t cure any diseases. First, coffee is a diuretic, meaning its pulls a lot of you nutrients out of your body. And there is NO scientific evidence that ganoderma does what it says. If you want to regulate your blood sugar levels, Drink plenty of water throughout the day.



    Stupid way of thinking.Water helps take out rubbish through urine, but also al your vitamins. So you finish up feeling dizy all the time. So not a good idea.



    Water hydrates cells and helps to suppress appetite. It also hydrolyzes fat and helps to facilitate excretion of toxins through urination and defecation. Water is good.


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