Garcinia Cambogia Ultra 1300 Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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Pinpointing the right weight loss product is no easy task. This is why you will have to check into several products before actually deciding on one to aid you with fat loss. Fortunately there is plenty of information at your disposal, in addition to customer feedback to help you learn more. This is actually why we created this review of Garcinia Cambogia Ultra 1300. We will go over the specifics of this weight loss formula, and help you decide if it is worth your time.


  • Calcium 50mg
  • Chromium 200mcg
  • Potassium 50mg
  • Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Rind Extract 1,000mg
  • Gelatin

Product Features

Garcinia Cambogia Ultra 1300 is distributed by Global Alliance Corp. This supplement can be taken twice a day in order to cause weight loss. More specifically, this product may help reduce appetite and block the production of fat. It is free of artificial ingredients, fillers and binders. Furthermore, this supplement may help reduce sugar cravings, while boosting energy levels. It costs around $15 per bottle, and is available through websites like Amazon and

Like most Garcinia Cambogia weight loss products, Garcinia Cambogia Ultra 1300 capsules provide 1,000 milligrams per dose/two capsules. This key ingredient helps inhibit the production of fat and suppress appetite. It is an Asian fruit that contains Hydroxycitric Acid or HCA. Garcinia Cambogia has been talked about on the Dr. Oz show, and it used in many diet pills available over-the-counter. This ingredient can also help increase serotonin levels, which helps elevate mood. Calcium and Potassium are used in Garcinia Cambogia Ultra 1300 capsules to aid with absorption. Some Chromium is also found in this supplement.

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  • Garcinia Cambogia Ultra 1300 is free of binders and fillers.
  • This supplement provides calcium and potassium.
  • You may notice reduced sugar cravings when taking this supplement.


  • A return policy is not addressed for Garcinia Cambogia Ultra 1300.
  • There are many similar Garcinia Cambogia supplements available.
  • This product may cause stomachache and headache.
  • The customer reviews we found for this diet product are negative.
  • Only one weight loss ingredient is used in this supplement.


It is easy to get confused by all of the Garcinia Cambogia products on the market today. The truth is, you can find dozens of them online. Most of them contain the exact same ingredients as Garcinia Cambogia Ultra 1300 capsules. Therefore most of them are not very unique. While this supplement may help with weight management to some degree, keep in mind that there are more potent supplements available. You should note that the customer reviews posted on Amazon for this product are negative. Also, there is no mention of a satisfaction guarantee.

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