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Garden of Life Raw Fit Review - Does This Protein Shake Work?

By Summer Banks on Sep 29, 2016

No joke – over 50% of diet products simply don’t work. So what about Garden of Life Raw Fit? We did an in-depth review of ingredients, side effects, scientific research and quality of customer support. Additionally, we dissected hundreds of dieter comments and experiences. Then, we refined and condensed to give you the info you need.


What is Garden of Life Raw Fit?

To start, Garden of Life Raw Fit  is a meal-replacement powder. The ingredients include organic sprouted protein blend, glucose management blend, probiotic and enzyme blend and weight-loss and stress management blend. Mix one level scoop and drink. You can use multiple times per day. Supposedly it helps to suppress appetite, fight cravings and burn fat. One benefit is the convenience of taking it on-the-go.

There’s no information as to when Garden of Life Raw Fit hit the shelves, but Garden of Life has been operating since 1999. The official website and third-party retailers sell the product. We like that it contains some natural ingredients and the longevity of the business, but read on…

Price – “Yee-Ouch?”

The first negative was the high price of Garden of Life Raw Fit. “At $30 per container, it seems like a bargain,” said our Research Editor. “That’s until customers realize that each only contains 10 servings and could cost more than $100 per month.”

“Way too expensive to justify adding to my daily routine,” said a user.

“I’ll never know if this works or not, because I can’t afford to try it. More affordable alternatives are easy to find,” explained another.

Some didn’t mind the cost. “It’s $3 per serving. Any latte or other snack food one might buy every day would cost at least that much. I think that’s a pretty fair price,” commented a customer.

Taste – “Yuck!”

Garden of Life Raw Fit side effects weren’t a concern of customers, it was the poor taste. “Extremely chalky and tastes like cardboard,” said a dieter.

The taste resembles a mixture of chalk (it’s very chalky) and a little bit of flour, with a hint of coffee,” said another.

“It is disgusting, and leaves a horrible bitter aftertaste in your mouth,” commented another.

Some people did have success when mixing it with a smoothie or shake. “I mix one scoop with 1 cup of almond milk and it tastes great,” stated a customer.

The taste leaves a little be be desired but I mix it with vanilla almond milk which makes it pretty good,” reported another.

We’ve researched countless supplements and have concluded that any part considered troublesome, like poor taste, the chances of long-term success are limited. So, if customers can bring themselves to drink Garden of Life Raw Fit on a daily basis, is it worth it?

The Science – “Clinically Validated?”

There’s a wealth of information about the ingredients in Garden of Life Raw Fit. We even appreciate the use of organics.  What’s missing are clinical studies showing it’ll help fight cravings, suppress appetite or burn fat. We at DietSpotlight want to see published research backing claims made by a company. When there’s no evidence provided, we become a bit skeptical.

The Bottom Line – Does Garden of Life Raw Fit Work?

Before you get the blender ready, you may want to hear our final thoughts on Garden of Life Raw Fit. Well, we like that is can be used on-the-go and that we found some favorable customer comments, but the lack of scientific research backing the claims concerns us. We’re also hesitant about this based on customers complaining about the high cost and poor taste.

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About the Author:

Summer Banks is an ISSA-Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist and has reviewed over 2000 diet products. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

How Does Garden of Life Raw Fit Compare?

Garden of Life Raw Fit Questions & Answers:

We summarized hundreds of user comments about Garden of Life Raw Fit into this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Garden of Life Raw Fit?

We found customers who experienced Garden of Life Raw Fit side effects that include upset stomach, irregular bowel movements, nausea and vomiting.

What are the ingredients in Garden of Life Raw Fit?

Garden of Life Raw Fit ingredients are sprouted brown rice protein, flax meal, cracked-wall chlorella, amaranth sprout, quinoa sprout, millet sprout, buckwheat sprout, garbanzo bean, lentil, adzuki, flax seed, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, chia seed, sesame seed, vanilla, stevia, green coffee bean extract, ashwagandha, baibab fruit, cinnamon, alfalfa, daikon radish, lactobacillus acidophilus, prohydrolase, hemicellulose, xyanase, protease, saccharomyces cerevisiae and lactobacillus bulgaricus.

Does Garden of Life Raw Fit work?

There’s no clinical research proving the effectiveness of Garden of Life Raw Fit. We found that adding probiotics to a diet could support healthy weight-loss, but there’s no specific studies relating to this formulation.

How much does Garden of Life Raw Fit cost?

Garden of Life Raw Fit costs about $28.73. The prices differ, depending on the retailer.

How should I take Garden of Life Raw Fit?

You should take one scoop of Garden of Life Raw Fit twice per day. Each container consists of 10 servings, meaning the supplement lasts five days.

Can I take Garden of Life Raw Fit if I have a health condition?

If you take prescription medications of any kind, those with health conditions, anyone under 18 years of age or women who are pregnant or nursing should contact a healthcare professional prior to using a weight-loss supplement, including Garden of Life Raw Fit.

What do users like about Garden of Life Raw Fit?

Some users liked the Garden of Life Raw Fit was convenient and the ease of contacting the customer service department.

What do users NOT like about Garden of Life Raw Fit?

We found that users didn’t like the cost of Garden of Life Raw Fit and that the supplement didn’t help dieters lose weight.

How do I contact the Garden of Life Raw Fit customer service department?

You can contact the Garden of Life Raw Fit customer service department by using the customer feedback form on the official website, calling a representative at 1-866-465-0051 or by mailing correspondence to Garden of Life 4200 Northcorp Pkwy. Suite 200 Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410.

Can I contact Garden of Life Raw Fit through social media?

Yes, you can contact Garden of Life Raw Fit through Facebook and Twitter.

How many calories are in Garden of Life Raw Fit?

Each serving of Garden of Life Raw Fit contains 170 calories.

How many grams of protein are in Garden of Life Raw Fit?

There are 28g of protein in each serving of Garden of Life Raw Fit.

Is Garden of Life Raw Fit gluten-free?

Yes, Garden of Life Raw Fit is gluten-free.

Is Garden of Life Raw Fit available in other flavors?

Yes, Garden of Life Raw Fit is available in other flavors, including coffee, vanilla and chocolate.

Does Garden of Life Raw Fit come with a guarantee?

Garden of Life Raw Fit doesn’t come with a guarantee.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Garden of Life Raw Fit?

There are no special deals or discounts on Garden of Life Raw Fit.

Garden of Life Raw Fit is a meal replacement based on the idea of raw eating. The description claims it can help with weight-loss and hunger. One serving supplies 170 calories, 28g of protein, 10g of carbohydrates (0g of sugar) and 6g of fiber.

Garden of Life Raw Fit Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Level Scoop
Serving Per Container: 10
Amount per Serving % DV
RAW Certified Organic Sprouted Protein Blend 38g *
- Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Protein * *
- Organic Flax Meal * *
- Organic Cracked-Wall Chlorella * *
- Organic Amaranth Sprout * *
- Organic Quinoa Sprout * *
- Organic Millet Sprout * *
- Organic Buckwheat Sprout * *
- Organic Garbanzo Bean Sprout * *
- Organic Lentil Sprout * *
- Organic Adzuki Bean Sprout * *
- Organic Flax Seed Sprout * *
- Organic Sunflower Seed Sprout * *
- Organic Pumpkin Seed Sprout * *
- Organic Chia Seed Sprout * *
- Organic Sesame Seed Sprout * *
RAW Certified Weight Loss & Stress Management Blend 700mg *
- RAW Organic Svetol * *
- RAW Organic Ashwagandha * *
RAW Certified Organic Glucose Management Blend 300mg *
- Organic Baobab Fruit * *
- Organic Cinnamon * *
- Organic Daikon Radish Sprout * *
- Organic Alfalfa Sprout * *
RAW Probiotic & Enzyme Blend 53mg *
- Lactobacillus Acidophilus & Lactobacillus Plantarum 3 Billion *
- Lipase * *
- Protease * *
- Aspergillopepsin * *
- Beta-Glucanase * *
- Cellulase * *
- Bromelain * *
- Phytase * *
- Lactase * *
- Papain * *
- Peptidase * *
- Pectinase * *
- Xylanase * *
- Hemicellulase * *

Other Ingredients: RAW organic flavors (chai and vanilla), organic stevia, sea salt

We dug deep into the Garden of Life Raw Fit ingredients to give you the details you need.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

This is the extract of coffee beans before they are roasted. It is higher in chlorogenic acid compared to roasted beans.

What is it Supposed to Do?

It is supposed to help suppress the appetite and prevent fat from accumulating in the body.

Clinical Research

According to a study published in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, “These results suggest that green coffee bean extract [GCBE] is possibly effective against weight gain and fat accumulation by inhibition of fat absorption and activation of fat metabolism in the liver.”


A naturally occurring mineral, it is often used in dietary supplements.

What is it Supposed to Do?

It is supposed to help regulate blood sugar levels by aiding the body to release less insulin after a meal. This keeps energy from declining and is also thought to help fight cravings.

Clinical Research

According to a study published in Journal of the American College of Nutrition, “Chromium (Cr) improves the glucose/insulin system in subjects with hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, diabetes and hyperlipemia with no detectable effects on control subjects.”


A spice commonly used in cuisine, it comes from a plant.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Because of its high concentration of cinnamaldehyde, it is highly anti-inflammatory. It may help improve insulin sensitivity, protect against heart disease, and more.

Clinical Research

According to a study published in Proceedings of the Nutrition Society, “For both supplemental Cr and cinnamon not all studies have reported beneficial effects and the responses are related to the duration of the study, form of Cr or cinnamon used and the extent of obesity and glucose intolerance of the subjects.”


This is a plant. The root and berry are used to make medicine.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Ashwagandha is used to treat a number of conditions, but there isn’t enough science out there to judge its effectiveness for any use. Uses include: anxiety, arthritis, liver disease, fibromyalgia, back pain, and asthma.


Protein comes from amino acids, and is a necessary macronutrient for building muscle and various other functions in the body.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Protein is required to build muscle, and the more muscle mass you have, the easier it is to lose weight.

6 User Reviews About Garden of Life Raw Fit

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  • 1

    It doesn’t taste like castor oil but it doesn’t taste like cake either. It’s only8 oz so I can get it down. I just started it so I’m still on the fence about it. Cost wise, yep it’s up there but so is eating healthy. I’m going to continue with it and get back to you on the results. Hope it works!


  • 2

    I agree completely on some of these things:
    1. Yes, it is a bit chalky. Like you said, I tend to just “choke it down.” Why would you just sip on protein shake?
    2. The cost.. but you just need to be smart about how you shop! SHOP AROUND. I initially bought Raw Meal at the local health shop.. Looked quite different and tasted different than from when I order! I was spooked and never went back to the shop in town. For me, I order 2 every 3 weeks and FREE delivery. They have different pricing tiers depending on how you buy and additionally save with AutoShip! I have a terrible time making up my mind what to eat in the morning. This is my go-to as well as oatmeal that is not cooked, but soaked in a tiny bit of milk, with honey and cinnamon! I am on-the-go so this is always my two GO-TO’s!
    3. With long distance running or endurance running, it is a staple. My muscles need it and they thank me!
    Weigh Loss is a Marathon race, not a SPRINT. You must treat it as so. You can have a slack day here or there, but if you are not serious or consistent, “losing weight” will never happen. I want lean muscle and stamina. I am pleased with my results, but would like to read about anyone else who is consistent with their regime and what they do as well for exercise.
    Best regards and happy trails!
    I am 24 years old – 5ft 7in – 170-175
    Run (2) 5K’s, (1) 10K & (1) 15K every wk



    I’m also a long distance runner as well. I have lost an additional 25lbs since august using raw fit. I don’t have any side effects because it is plant based. I have recently bought the new formula from whole foods, it is very smooth and not chalky at all they changed the formula. I love it and will continue to use it.


  • 3

    can i take it 5-times a day.just started taken it going on 4-days thanks Raymond


    Devon (Editor)

    You should probably not exceed that limit. Remember this is intended to replace meals. You wouldn’t want to replace more meals than you ordinarily would eat.


  • 4
    Reverend June Schmidt

    I was 192 pounds and a size 16-18 in March 2014 and tired and sluggish from injury preventing me from being real active. I went into Vitalize in Ocala Florida where the owner challenged me and my friend, who was a size 26-28 to try it.

    Today, 10/15/15 I am 155 pounds and a size 12 and Diane, eighty years old, is a size 18-20. I am still using it and have ten more pounds to go. feel fabulous and have enormous living energy, not some stimulated counterfeit boot.

    Price? Check around. You will find it as low as $26 on web. I get 12 servings per container by following the directions and not shaking scoop nor over filling. It cost more to eat at a fast food place and is a must for breakfast. I’m on a limited budget but my health is so much better since Raw Fit Diet Protien that it’s a no brainier for me. I use it with Unsweetened Almond Milk and a table spoon of Chia Seeds. I’m on it for life because I feel like a new woman!


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