Garden Of Life Super Seed Review

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What You Should Know

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Garden of Life Super Seed is a product that offers 25% of your daily fiber needs in each serving. It is meant to improve your mood, regulate bowel movements, and improve your overall health. Many customers claim to have been helped, and there are a large number of reviews available for this product. Also, many users say that this specific product tastes better than other fiber products, and goes down smooth unlike other grainy substances. However, some users have experienced allergic reactions and a scratchy throat after using this product for just a short time.

This fiber supplement comes in a 600 gram container, and comes with a scoop to measure the product. It is recommended that you take one scoop and mix it with water or another liquid once or twice a day as needed. This product is a good value, and it costs less than $1 per serving. Although it is readily available online, this product has no money back guarantee, and if you have not used this before you may not be willing to take the chance that it may not work for you.

List of Ingredients

Garden of Life Super Seed comes with a variety of ingredients including pumpkin seed, chia seed, flax seed, and a probiotic blend. Most of the ingredients are natural, and soluble in water, but some of these will not dissolve in water, and can make it taste chunky and gritty.

Product Features

Garden of Life Super Seed is a product that claims to help you with your overall health. The fiber in this product gives you one-fourth of what you need for the day in each serving. Most customers are satisfied, and boast of great results, but there are a few that have had allergic reactions, or who have experienced very little benefit from this product.

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  • This product has many reviews available online, and customers are impressed by the improvements in their health.
  • This is a fairly inexpensive supplement, and costs under $1 per serving.
  • Users claim that Garden of Life Super Seed tastes better than similar products.


  • The seed can cause an allergic reaction or scratchy throat.
  • Some of the ingredients do not dissolve in water, and this can make it taste gritty.
  • This product does not come with a guarantee, and this can cause some people to doubt its effects.
  • Even though it is a great price, it only offers 25% of your daily fiber needs in each serving.


Although many customers have been satisfied with their use of Garden of Life Super Seed, there are still some who have had allergic reactions and other problems associated with its use. Also, there is no guarantee, and some customers do not like this problem. Finally, some of the ingredients stay solid even in water and can make this supplement taste gritty. Before starting on this supplement consult your family physician to see if it would produce results for you.

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