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Gary Null’s 7 Steps to Perfect Health is a book available on and other merchants for an affordable price. The book describes the seven major steps one must take, and provides advice on how to take these steps in order to live a longer, healthier life. This is just one of many books written by Gary Null, who is a well known and respected nutritionist. Companion videos are available online from several different websites.


This is a book and therefore does not have any ingredients.

Product Features

Step One: Identify problems: Once you become aware of the issues with he body you need to address, you will be better able to address them.

Step Two: Eliminating Disease Causing Agents

Step Three: Cleansing and Detoxifying for Strength and Stamina: Get rid of the free radicals in the body by flooding it with antioxidants such as vitamin C and green tea. He suggests taking antioxidants three times a day to stay fully protected because the vitamins leave the body quickly.

Step Four: Eating Well to stop the cycle from beginning again.

Step Five: Exercising to get in shape and get healthy.

Step Six: De-stressing life to increase happiness and longevity.

Step Seven: Taking charge: Get in control of your health.

The book contains recipes, healing advice, product recommendations and exercise routines. It is a tie-in into the national television special.

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  • Provides solid nutrition and exercise advice.
  • Cost effective.


  • Requires motivation and follow through in order to be able stick with.
  • Some may not agree with the material presented in the book.


Overall, the book seems to have been met with positive reviews, though of course there are people who are not satisfied with the book because no item can satisfy everyone. People who read this book need to have motivation and desire to improve their lives. Without this, people will not be able to follow through with what Gary Null suggests should be done to make themselves healthier. One of Gary Null’s prime points is that the belief systems and being happy is about half of the equation of a long healthy life, more so than dieting, nutrition, and stress management. The television special addresses cultural changes like watching TV and spending less time being active, convenience foods, and things such as smoking and drinking, which may have caused Americans health to decline over the last few decades. Getting back to the basics where things are simple and you are happy is a major part of feeling good and living longer. The things in this book will help you lose weight if you are willing to take the advice and live by it.

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    Herman Farrell

    I have been diagnose, with high blood preasure, how can I get my blood preasure back to normal?


    phyllis williams

    I have high blood presure for many years, what can I use to control?