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The Gazelle Power Plus is a workout machine that is comparable to elliptical machines. It is meant to give a workout that gives you good cardio exercise, while minimizing stress to the knees and hips. Many users have found this to be an effective workout tool that is affordable, and somewhat easy to use. It can be stored at home, and takes up less space than an elliptical. It can be used by just about anyone, and it has an in home trial so you can be confident when making this purchase.

This workout machine uses power pistons to ease movement, but some users complain that after a while the pistons wear down, and squeak. This causes an annoying disturbance to your workout, and can make the already monotonous workout even more boring. Most users do benefit from this machine, but those who were already in good health and fitness struggled to get their heart rate up, and get an effective workout from this machine.

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The Gazelle Power Plus is light weight, and easy to use if you are using the basic functions. It uses power pistons to ease movement, but these can cause problems, and squeak after a few weeks of extended use. This can be a major annoyance, and can make you dread your workout. Also, the portability of this product is a benefit for many. It can be stored at home, and does not take up as much room as an elliptical.

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  • This product offers an in home trial to reassure you that it is the piece of equipment that you want.
  • The Gazelle Power Plus offers a workout that minimizes joint stress for those who cannot handle a strenuous workout.


  • The Gazelle Power Plus is supposed to be comparable to an elliptical, but most users compared it to the low end elliptical models.
  • This machine is also not advanced enough for people that need a serious workout.
  • Many users had muscle problems after using this product for an extended period of time.
  • The monotonous movement of this machine can cause you to become bored with your workout very quickly.


Although the Gazelle Power Plus is an effective workout tool for those who cannot handle rigorous exercise, some of the more advanced users said that they are not getting a significant workout, and they just need more. Also, the monotonous movement can cause the user to become bored quickly, and to dread his workout. Finally, although it is an inexpensive alternative to elliptical machines, it is more comparable to lower-end machines. If you are struggling to find a piece of equipment, consult your doctor to see if this machine would work for you, but if you are already in good shape, then it will not be able to give you an adequate workout.

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3 User Reviews about Gazelle Power Plus

  • 1
    Dr. Kerr

    Best cardio machine in our family gym or our YMCA. I have a knee that I injured in college sports, but my knee is pain free after a 45 or 50 minute workout on the Power Plus. The resistance level on this Power Plus is adjustable making it adaptable to each member of our family. I can break a sweat in only two minutes into a workout, so hello! I bought this machine one year old for a song, and it preforms excellent. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their health.


  • 2

    I bought my power plus used and got no book with it. My display has quit working and I need to know how to repair it.
    Don Crane


  • 3
    cindi craig

    Is there a way to adjust the tension?