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Geneen Roth is a well known author who specializes in binge eating and the psychological associations with food. Her website informs people of who she is along with allowing people to purchase her books, MP3s, CDs, and DVDs. Geneen Roth believes that a person’s relationship with food is a reflection of their relationship itself. By getting eating habits under control and improving them, you improve the overall quality of life, and likely the length of it it as well.


This is a book and therefore does not contain ingredients.

Product Features

She has several of each, so there are “learning packages” set up for those who are looking for something to purchase, which cost around $35 each. All of her books speak from personal experiences with emotional and binge eating, which make it easy for the readers to identify with and understand her. If you do not want to purchase a book or wait on CD, you can download the MP3s right from the website, or read her blog, or various articles and interviews.

Her books are When Food is Love, The Craggy Hole in My Heart and the Cat Who Fixed It, Breaking Free from Emotional Eating, Feeding the Hungry Heart, When You Eat at the Refrigerator, Pull Up a Chair, Appetites and Why Weight.

Each one of these books addresses binge and/or emotional eating with health and diet concerned in a different manner. Many of these books are great companions to others, and it is suggested that anyone reading Roth’s books follow the order from the list above.

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  • For those who are interested, there are retreats and workshops to attend listed on her website.
  • Cost effective solution for those who have issues with food.


  • Not a weight loss solution directly, but if emotional/binge eaters learn how to cope with the issues, they may eat less which will cause them to lose weight.
  • Overwhelming choices when it comes to all of the books, dvds, and cds.


Geneen Roth has plenty to say and plenty of help to give anyone who has problems with binge eating or emotional eating. Having been there once herself, she knows what is like to go through these issues and has better advice to offer than someone who has not been down that road before. If you were looking to Geneen Roth to help you lose weight, you need to look elsewhere. While her books and other products may help people lose weight because they teach to eat when you are hungry and not any other time, they are not specifically for weight loss. Look for something which incorporates a healthy diet with plenty of water and exercise to help you and weight loss will be in your near future.

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