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What You Should Know

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Genera Supplements produces a couple of different products. First, they produce an adrenaline booster similar to Ephedrine. Also, they produce an anabolic supplement. These products are both meant to maximize the results seen from workouts. The adrenaline booster is supposed to give you the feeling of endless energy, and the ability to continue working out harder and longer than ever before. The anabolic is supposed to help your body increase muscle mass, decrease fat, and eliminate side effects. The results of these products are not always what the manufacturer claims, but the company does offer a full money back guarantee.

These supplements come in easy-to-take capsules, and are fairly expensive. The anabolic supplement is offered for over $80, and the adrenaline booster is around $50. These are more expensive than other companies that offer products that guarantee similar results. Many users said that the results were disappointing at best, and any brief boost they did feel was quickly gone.

List of Ingredients

These products each contain their own mix of many essential ingredients including geranium oil, PEA (an energy compound), and many other secret ingredients that have been used overseas for years.

Product Features

Genera Supplements’ products have many claimed features that promise amazing results. Some of these promises include high energy workouts, anti-estrogen formula, weight loss, and added strength. Users however are skeptical, and most only see minimal results. The products website offers no customer reviews, and no before and after pictures. Also, many customers complain of side effects such as dry throat, nausea, and some people have even noted that their body builds up immunity to these pills very quickly.

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  • These supplements offered by Genera Supplements come in easy to take capsules as opposed to nasty powders.
  • These do give an initial boost for the first few days of workouts.


  • Genera Supplements’ products are more expensive when compared to similar supplements.
  • Some of the side effects are problematic, including nausea during and after the workout, dry mouth and throat, and increased immunity to the energy boosts.
  • Also, the website that these are sold on has no reviews, and they have no before and after pictures.
  • Many people are disappointed when the results of these pills fade shortly after the workout begins.


Genera Supplements offers these two different pills. Many customers have been satisfied with the incredible results they have seen, but this is not typical. Also, many of the side effects that the company claimed to have eliminated are still present, and some users have experienced headaches, dry mouth and throat, and nausea. Overall, this is a product that does produce some results, but it is offered at a high price, and has many flaws.

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