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What You Should Know

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Generation Plus is a company that makes two different products. They have Corazyme, which is a coral calcium product. This helps the person taking the vitamins to process food quickly. The other supplement they offer is Naticor. Naticor is a fibrin degradation product that is meant to help your blood circulation.

Both of the products offered by this company come in easy to take tablet form. This is convenient for the customer, and is one advantage offered by the company. However, each serving consists of three large capsules which may be troublesome if you already take a large number of pills, or you have trouble swallowing large pills. Many customers also find these pills expensive, as they can cost up to $2 per day. The Corazyme is moderately priced, but the Naticor is more expensive than comparable products. Overall, any customers have benefited from this company, but there are those that seem unaffected as well.

List of Ingredients

Both products contain only natural color and natural flavoring, and contain no gluten, lactose, preservatives, soy salt, or yeast. This is helpful for people with allergies, or people who do not like artificial ingredients.

Product Features

These products offered by Generation Plus help with things that most people do not believe to be essential. Corazyme gives you coral calcium, and Naticor eliminates fibrin. Neither product is really necessary, but they both do increase the user’s overall health. They help the user digest food better, and circulate blood more efficiently. These both offer their own benefits, but neither is really necessary. They do come in easy to take capsules, and in bottles of 90, 180 or 300, but can be very expensive compared to other similar products.

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  • These come in convenient capsules that are easy to take on the go.
  • These pills offered by Generation plus increase the user’s health.


  • Generation Plus offers products that are not essential to living a normal, healthy life.
  • These pills are pretty expensive and can cost up to $187 per bottle.
  • Because each serving is three pills, it can be difficult to take these pills if you have a large number of prescriptions, or if you have difficulty swallowing pills.


Generation Plus offers two products that are meant to increase the user’s health. The problem is that the things that the pills help are not things that necessarily need much help. Although these pills are helpful, the benefits are minimal, and they just are not needed. Also, these pills are expensive, and can be difficult to take if you are already taking other medications. Overall, these pills are good products, but they simply are unnecessary expenditures that do not give any significant benefits.

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