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What You Should Know

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Genesis ProteCol is a product which claims to help you lose weight as you sleep. At the time of this review there seems to be no official website for the product or its manufacturer. The only website which seems to provide information other than reviews like this one is one promoting the product. No pricing information or customer testimonials can be found on this site.


Collagen Hydrolsate, Aloe Vera, I-Carnitine & Acetyl I-Carnetine, Calcium Pyruvate, Citrin K,
Glycerine, Chromium Picolinate and Lipoic Acid.

Product Features

The product claims that with regular use it can: prevent the effects of collagen depletion, improve the body’s ability to build new bone and tendon cells, improve the body’s healing of cartilage and the strengthening of joints tendons and heart, improve texture of the hair, skin, and nails, while also working to increase muscle mass and decrease fat mass.

The most prominent ingredients in the list worth mentioning include the following. Collagen is natural fibrous protein that serves as the main building block for ligaments, cartilage,and bones. Surgically it is used in cosmetics and to treat burns. Aloe Vera is commonly used as a topical treatment for skin irritations such as sun burn. Internally, it may help constipation and an inflammatory bowel disease known as colitis. The research to prove the benefits for these ailments is still inconclusive. Chromium is generally used to aid in fat loss and muscle growth, though studies show there is little correlation between chromium and either fat loss or muscle growth. In fact, too much of the mineral has led to cell damage in hamsters and prompted the change of the daily dose requirements. Nothing states how much of this is in the Gensis ProteCol product. L-carnitine is a deritative amino acid found in red meats and made by the lie and kidneys. It helps to dispose of fat in the liver and though it is said to increase metabolism, there is little evidence to prove it. Lipoic Acids are found in several different food sources and animal organ meats. These are potential antioxidants which have shown great results toward being treatment options for a variety of conditions such as cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Even with these health benefits, nothing is to be said about lipoic acids and weight loss.

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  • Genesis ProteCol does contain substances which may provide health benefits.


  • Very unprofessional, shoddy, website which links to what may have been the Genesis website but is now broken. This shows the website has been neglected.
  • No cost information.
  • No guarantees.
  • No customer testimonials.
  • Unreal product claims of “losing weight while you sleep.”


Keep looking for a better weight loss supplement. First of all, the product claims are outrageous. Secondly, the fact that there is no reputable website to get information from, along with no pricing or ordering information is enough to send anyone running in the other direction. Look for supplements which are proven, come with guarantees and show other consumer experiences. Make sure they have ingredients which will burn fat, increase energy, and suppress the appetite, and then combine them with a healthy diet and exercise plan to see the most effective weight loss results.

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