Genesis Super Diet Pill Review

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What You Should Know

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Genesis Nutrition Super Diet Pill helps to fight hunger and boost energy. The supplement is sold as a discount t supplement, which means it is priced lower than the average diet pill. In this case, less than $10 per bottle. A lower price may be appealing to consumers and dieters, but the price may reflect a lack of potent ingredients to boost weight loss. There are no free trials listed on the official website. We did find a 100% guarantee on all products and the company pays for shipping and handling if the order is more than $50. Genesis Nutrition offers other diet and weight loss supplements.

List of Ingredients

Super Diet Pill Herbal Complex: Phenylalanine, Guarana Nut, Cayenne Fruit, Eleuthero Root, Taraxacum Mangolicum Root, Ginger Root, Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf, Pullulan and Kelp.

Product Features

The ingredient list is common and offers no ingredients with clinical weight loss support. We are also shocked to find a statement at the bottom of the product description that states the supplement can help dieters lose weight FAST but curbing appetite and boosting energy. Energy may have something to do with exercising, but it does not directly equate to increased weight loss.

The first ingredient in the complex is phenylalanine. This ingredient affects mood and may pose problems for a dieter with depression, anxiety or panic disorder. If the dieter is taking medications for these conditions, the potential interaction and affect on mood could be severe.

Next is Guarana nut. Guarana is a stimulant. Some dieters think stimulants are all created equal, but Guarana is not proven to increase metabolism, whereas caffeine is proven to have that effect on the body. Cayenne fruit may boost metabolism a bit, but it is likely included to increase absorption of other ingredients in the Super Diet Pill formula.

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  • Ingredients are listed on the official website.
  • The product is priced lower than other fat burners.
  • Products are 100% guaranteed.


  • None of the ingredients are clinically proven to increase weight loss.
  • Dieters may find the mood boosting ingredients interact with other medications.
  • Anyone with a history of mood disorders should not take this supplement.
  • No free trial.


Despite the cheaper than average price, dieters should skip Genesis Super Diet Pill. The formula contains no proven ingredients, which means the $10 will be spent on ingredients that will not work. The dieter could drink lots of green tea with caffeine and see better effects than this supplement. Green tea and caffeine are proven to increase weight loss and cost less than this supplement. Chromium is a fantastic addition to weight loss supplements to help control blood glucose levels and appetite. This product has no proven appetite suppressant.

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