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Genesis Nutrition is a supplement company with a short list of fat burners and nutritional products. On the list is the Super Sugar Block supplement. According to the product description, Super Sugar Block is supposed to block digestion of carbohydrates, not just sugar. Sugar is a form of carbohydrates, but it is not the only form. The body uses carbohydrates as a simple form of energy, but eating too many can cause excessive weight gain.

Genesis Super Sugar Block contains two ingredients. Neither is clinically proven to increase weight loss, but they may help to control hunger, which could help a dieter stick with a healthy eating plan. Genesis offers a 100% guarantee on all products ordered from the official website. If the order is more than $50, the shipping and handling fee is waived.

List of Ingredients

Gymnema Sylvestre and Citrus Fiber.

Product Features

Gymnema sylvestre may help control blood glucose levels. This effect may reduce hunger, but will it control sugar digestion? Gymnema may reduce the amount of sugar in blood. This is likely the “blocking” effect Genesis is referring to. While this “blocking” will not be strong enough to boost weight loss, other common benefits of gymnema may help achieve this goal. When gymnema is taken with sugar, sugar tastes less sweet. The draw of sugar to the dieter is the taste, so if it does not taste as good, the dieter may not eat as much.

Next on the ingredient list is citrus fiber. Fiber is commonly used as an appetite suppressant. There is some evidence that fiber can help control hunger, but there is a problem with this effect. First, the dieter has to take enough fiber before a meal to slow down the digestive process. But, taking too much fiber all at once can cause gas and bloating. Fiber also has a laxative effect.

Fiber works to slow digestion when eaten before other foods because it takes a long time to digest. By the time the meal is eaten, the fiber is just entering the intestines. Food must wait until the fiber is finished being digested. The longer food stays in the stomach, the less hungry the dieter feels.

Genesis Super Sugar Block sells for $9.95. Genesis is known for inexpensive supplements, but they are also known for using less effective ingredients.

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Ingredients are listed on the Genesis website.

The product is cheaper than other carbohydrate blockers.


No truly effective weight loss ingredients.


Genesis Super Sugar Block will not block sugar, but it may help control hunger. Less hunger could mean less eating and fewer consumed calories leading to weight loss. Sugars, however, are not blocked despite the claims of the supplement.

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