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GeniCIL is a weight loss system manufactured by GeniCAL Labs. The GeniCAL Labs website provides information on the product but we will take a closer look. The fact that GeniCIL is very realistic about what it can and cannot do for dieters, such as not allowing for dieters to eat whatever the want whenever they want in order to be able to continue to lose weight while using their product.


Though no specific ingredient list can be found, we know that GeniCIL is made with these key ingredients: Capsicum Seed, Chiotsan, Kelp Leaf, Gota Kola Root and Ginseng Root.

Product Features

Capsicum Seed is generally used to warm the body and improve circulation. It will work to reduce headaches, muscle spasms and relax stiff muscles. It also aids with the digestion of many different foods.

Chiotsan is something which comes from the shells of shrimp. Though the substance is said to be a “fat attractor” which draws fat to it so it can be expelled from the body, there is no scientific evidence to support those claims and therefore nothing to support its inclusion in the formula.

Kelp Leaf is rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron. These nutrients are very beneficial to overall health, but do little or nothing to enhance weight loss.

Gota Kola Root is rich in Vitamin K, Theobromine and Magnesium. These ingredients are beneficial in supporting memory retention, though they do nothing for weight loss. Theobromine contains a natural source of caffeine that may cause negative side effects such as insomnia and headaches.

Ginseng Root is an antioxidant known to protect muscle tissues in the body. This ingredient like the others, does little to nothing to help dieters lose weight.

One bottle of GeniCIL runs about $39 for a 30 Day supply. Discounts are available for larger supplies.

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  • Honest about product expectations up front.


  • No real weight loss ingredients.
  • Unprofessional product website.
  • Very unhappy customers.
  • No real information on ingredients.


GeniCAL Labs does a shoddy job at trying to get people interested in buying GeniCIL. Though they are honest about the product needing a balanced diet to help you lose weight, there are still people who are unhappy, and the ingredients prove to show nothing useful to additional weight loss. Though the supplement is a relatively low cost choice in the scheme of things, it seems like it could be a complete waste of money. When choosing a weight loss supplement, you should look for something that address both appetite suppression and fat burning with thermogenic ingredients. Make sure your diet and exercise routines are balanced, and with good dedication and the right supplement the weight will come off with ease. There are too many red flags and a lack of information on GeniCIL that signal to us to stay away from this one.

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