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GeniSoy is a company that manufacturers and distributes soy protein products for health and vitality. It is one of the the largest providers of soy protein products in the nation. The company opened its doors in 1964 providing protein bars and powders to athletes. In 1999, the FDA concluded that soy proteins are part of a healthy diet and will help reduce the risk for disease. With this information, GeniSoy expanded their product line to include soy protein products.


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Product Features

GeniSoy produces many different products which allows them to cater to a wide audience. The GeniSoy product line includes:

Bars: Within this product line there are four different types of bars each in multiple flavors.

Ultra Bars: Combine soy protein with real fruit and other wholesome ingredients. Flavors include Chocolate Carmel, Chocolate Raspberry, Strawberry, and Tropical.

Organic Bars: Contain 95% organic ingredients, seal of approval, and come in three flavors as the only organic heart healthy bar. The three flavors are mixed berry, apple cinnamon, and rich chocolate. GeniSoy Bars: Complete nutrion bars in various flavors dipped in yogurt or chocolate. Flavors include Cookies and Cream, Crispy Chocolate Mint, Creamy Peanut Yogurt, Chunky Peanut Butter Fudge, Cafe Mocha Fudge, and Chocolate Fudge Brownie.

Protein Crunch Bars: Provide a low carb snacking option for many dieters. Flavors include Raspberry, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter and Chocolate.

Shakes and Powders: Within this product line there are two products: Ultra XT Protein Shakes and Powder and GeniSoy Protein Shakes and Powder. The Ultra XT Protein Shakes come in Chocolate and Vanilla, and there is also an unflavored powder you can use to mix any drink you like. The GeniSoy Protein Shakes come in Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry Banana. The powder is unflavored.

Snacks: Within this product line there are many different products. These products include Potato Soy Crisps Sea Salt & Black Pepper, Potato Soy Crisps Country Style Ranch, Potato Soy Crisps Barbecue, Potato Soy Crisps Parmesan and Garlic, Sweet Crisps Cinnamon Strussel, Sweet Crisps Chocolate, Soy Rich Cheddar Cheese, Zesty Barbeque, Tangy Salt & Vinegar, Nacho, Deep Sea Salted, Roasted Garlic & Onion or Creamy Ranch and Apple Cinnamon.

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  • Very extensive product line.
  • Informative website.


  • Some products can get costly.
  • Not directly weight loss products.


With a very professional site and plenty of product information, GeniSoy is a reputable company that produces quality products. In adidtion to being able to purchase products directly for the GeniSoy website, there are several other merchants you can purchase products from. Even though these are not directly weight loss products, using these products to improve your overall health may induce weight loss on its own.

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    Barb S. Kelliher

    How can I order a free sample of Genisoy powder?


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    Yes, I have had great success in maintaining my weight using this product and I think it would help in weight loss. I find if I make a shake of the unflavored Genisoy and soy or almond milk in the morning (with some sugar-free flavoring added), it keeps me satisfied for much longer and I don’t overeat. It is really amazing, too, because I have great energy and some studies say soy protein specifically curbs belly fat. I think you’ll like it!


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